Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Party is Over

Quartzite, Arizona
Polomas Road BLM

It was another busy day.  We left in the morning to take the truck over to Redland Trucking for the manifold gasket.  We made another pass through the big tent while we were waiting.  Saw some things we missed but nothing we wanted.  

Stopped for a 25 cent coffee and then Bill decided to stop at the barber shop.  There was the barber shop pole and an older man was the barber, should be perfect.  Bill said trim it up and the barber asked about medium? I can't imagine what a lot would have been.  If you see Bill, you won't see him without a hat.  He got a military cut.  I've never seen his hair so short.  

We stopped for fish and chips for lunch and it wasn't nearly as good as before.  We walked back over to see how the truck was coming along and saw it parked over on the other side.  Things are looking up--we thought it would take longer.  As we went up to the counter to pay, we found out they hadn't even started.  Needless to say, we were not happy.  I asked them to take us back to our coach. I didn't want to walk around any longer.  

When we arrived back at the Montana Circle and our driver had left, I realized he had our keys.  Lucky for us we have the digital entry door lock.  I then realized that the gas can for the generator was in the back of the truck.  I visited with Jim and Sandie and then my phone rang.  It was Redland asking if we had another key to the truck.  They locked the key in the truck.  The driver came back out and picked up the key and said Josh was working on the truck.  I really couldn't believe that because I couldn't figure out how he could get the hood up with the door locked.  We started putting away the rug, grill and all that stuff you put out and the next thing I knew here comes our truck.  We drove the truck back to pay for the repairs.  Ouch....

Roger and Sharon were back when we returned.  The dealer got the slide to go in but can't fix it for awhile.  They'll find someone down the road to do the repairs.  

Happy Hour was already in progress and we joined the group.  We talked with friends who we may join up with us at the Winter Blast in Lake Havasau City. 

Tomorrow Roger and Sharon will head to California, Jim and Sandie are heading to La Posa for 2 days and we'll be heading home for Bill's pre-op appointment.  

This has been so much fun.  It's so nice to spend it with friends and to also meet new people.  John Kohl has done a great job of organizing this event.  We look forward to seeing everyone in Goshen for the national rally.  

I wanted to attach an e-mail from Hickory, family dog of Roger and Sharon.  Sharon sends these e-mails out every once in a while and I don't think she realizes how entertaining they are.  Tell me what you think.  I think Hickory should have her own blog.  

Well, I woke up today to my regular schedule and then I observed my Mom and Dad and I KNEW it was TRAVEL DAY!!  Yep, they were stowing things away.  I knew I needed to stay alert and get ready to load up as soon as the back truck door opened.  Road trip day….on to new smells and sights. 
Well, I loaded up just as easy as can be and I waited…..and waited…..and waited…..and then I fell asleep.  I thought, boy this is one quiet ride.  And then I noticed that the truck back door was still open.  And then I noticed all these people who kept coming by to look at me.   A few even petted me and said, “What a good dog!”  Well, yah….of course I’m going to be good today.  It’s travel day and I’m NOT going to be left behind.  Then I heard someone ask, “How many hours has she been in the truck?”  Hours????  We have NEVER taken hours to hitch up.  Maybe I’d better mosey on out and see what’s up.  Hmmmmm!  Is that a ladder I see?  And men pushing on the side of the rig?  And who is this new guy with the truck full of tools?  He smells alright.  Maybe they are just a bit slow loading up.  Guess I’ll just hop back in the truck so I don’t miss my ride.
Okay, I give up…my stomach says it’s time for DINNER.  I give up.  Are we traveling today or not?
And the answer is NOT………  Dad says he refuses to leave with the slide still open….the one that was just repaired on Monday…..only this time it is stuck OUT and won’t come in…no matter what the man with the truck full of tools did and no matter how much fiddling around they did.  Dad says he’s not  sure if we will EVER leave.  I sure hope we have lots of dog food. 

Turtle Safely......

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