Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Record Trip

Lake Havasau City, Arizona
Rodeo Grounds

Today we made a record.  

The weather has been perfect and it wasn't even cold last night.


I had Bill stand in front of the coach so you could see what I was talking about with how low the front jacks were in yesterday's blog.

John was going to check out the BLM land on the north side of the airport and asked if we wanted to ride along.  It is a beautiful area but further away from Sara Park than where we are staying.  It's nice to know that it's there and what it looks like for future reference.  

We stopped at Wal Mart for a few items and then debated about eating lunch.  About this time, David called an said they found out there were empty sites at the rodeo grounds and they decided to move over there.  We talked back and forth and decided to stop and see if there were any more sites.  Five nights dry camping for $100.  It sounded good when you figure it costs $5 for parking and $5 per person or $15 per night and still driving in all the traffic.  If we go to Sara Park, we needed to be there before 4 for the 7:30 show.  They do not allow any food or drinks to be taken into the park, so you'd need to buy food or drinks.  We paid our $100 and picked up our tags for the truck.  We headed back to the steps and hitched up.  

We drove a whole 12 miles up the road which is a record trip for us.  Dry camping but we do have trash included.  For those of you who do not know about an RV that means we are using water from our holding tanks, waste water is stored until we get to a dump station, lights run off the batteries and when we need electric we turn on the generator.  

John is on one side of the road and we are directly across from him.  They are full but some sites are not occupied yet.  We positioned the trailer so that the back window looks out at Sara Park.  

It was a perfect day and we decided to turn on the fan.  I know a lot of people that went to Goshen for the MOC rally were all talking about the stink bugs and I said we didn't have any problems.  Well I guess I was wrong, it just took longer to find out we had a problem!

We enjoyed happy hour and found some other couples who asked to join us.  It was so nice, when you wanted to get something to drink you just went and got it.  

New members to our happy hour included Jim and Sherry and Bob and Joy.

Bob is the inventor for this powered wagon.  Bill was really fascinated talking with him about it. Bill never had a little red wagon motorized or otherwise.

We went for a walk and visited with our Canadian neighbors.  

I told them about the Alberta Roamers Escapees group and the upcoming rally they will be holding.  They said they would try to come to one of our Chapter 45 luncheons.  

The sunset was beautiful and just led to a beautiful full moon.  The fireworks began before it was even fully dark.  

We have tickets for the Saturday barbecue and were told it was advisable not to leave the grounds on Saturday as they'll eventually close the road.  We were planning to attend the Boomers Ed's Birthday Party but I guess we can't do both.  

Turtle Safely......

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  1. After seeing the picture of Bill and the rig I'm glad you moved to a more level spot. Lots of new folks and fun times.


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