Friday, February 7, 2014

Aiming with Friendship

Casa Grande, AZ
Back at the Shack

Susie Walsh and I had visited for a short time with each other during the Montana sponsored driving school for women during the Montana Owners Club Rally in Goshen last fall but Bill didn't get to meet her.  

After we got back to Casa Grande last fall, I received a call from Susie wanting to get together but before we could do that she had to fly back to Colorado for personal business.  Bud did come over to the house and we had a very nice visit with him.  They are back in Casa Grande where they store their Montana and are staying at the RV park a stones throw away from us for the month.  

We had told them about the Escapees and they were anxious to learn more.  Wednesday they went to the luncheon in Apache Junction with us.  They are the kind of people that make friends very easily.  I think they managed to chat with everyone in the room, unfortunately there were very few members present.    The annual meeting went very well with Joe Knox elected as president, Doug Sage as vice president and Joyce Whitney as Sunshine person.  Bill installed the new officers.  

I once again forgot to take my camera.  Maybe because there were less than 30 people in attendance, people seemed to linger and talk awhile.  It's still early but it didn't look like anyone registered for the Escapade but us and Knox's. 

By the time we did our usual stop at The Ranch and Costco the day was gone.  It was happy hour time by the time we took Bud and Susie back so we stayed for a glass of wine.  They are really the kind of people that you aren't in a hurry to leave.

They expressed interest in learning how to shoot so today they came over and Bill gave lessons to Susie.  He spent a good hour at the house and then we took them out to the range.  Susie was a great student and listened to everything Bill told her.  Bill concentrated on .22 guns.  Everyone that knows Bill knows he's like our friend Jim Dixon.  Jim is strictly a Chevy man while Bill's heart is in SSA Colts.  Of course, Bill had Susie shooting the Colts.  She had pretty good form but couldn't seem to hit the target.  I said, "Try the Ruger I'll bet she can hit the target with it."  Well she picked up the Ruger and never missed the target.  Bud used the Ruger and he really had a nice grouping.  I once again forgot the camera, but Bud had his along so these are his photos.  

Here's Bud and Susie proudly displaying their targets with    " instructor", Bill.  

We'll be going to the Winter Blast next week, but are looking forward to seeing a lot more of them.  

Turtle Safely......


  1. Great times. I didn't see a new secretary in that list. Have a blast at Winter Blast. Jim is so excited it is going to warm up so he can go fishing.

    1. I was re-elected last year so still have another year to go. Tell Jim to catch a bunch.


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