Monday, February 10, 2014

Dad's day out

Casa Grande
Back at the Shack

I'd seen an article in the newspaper about an event taking place at the history museum.  They had a speaker that had researched the Overland Trail aka the Butterfield Trail and alleged to be an expert on the trail through Arizona.  He has ties to the Smithsonian.  It was supposed to last for one hour so I thought Dad might enjoy learning some of the history from this area.  

I called Dad to tell him we were on our way and he couldn't remember what we were coming for.  Dementia comes and goes but he is going to be 94.  He was waiting for us in front of the assisted living community where he lives.  He hopped in the car practically before it was stopped.  The history center is just a few blocks away and he kept saying that he'd never been there before and always wanted to go.  

I had made reservations and we went into the history center to check in.  As it turns out the lecture was in the old converted church which has some difficult steps to climb.  I asked Dad where his cane was and he said he didn't need it.  

There were seats up near the front so we took them.  As soon as the lecture started, I knew this was a mistake.  I like hearing the stories and tales of history.  This was about the precise spots where the Overland Mail used the trails--very precise.  The author stood by the projector and had his back to the audience most of the time.  Even sitting near the front, you could hardly hear him.  

The lady next to me feel asleep and the lady next to Bill feel asleep.  He read excerpts from his book.  Of course we stayed and endured the speech.  He spent almost an hour discussing the first photos and then he quickly showed photos for another 40 minutes.   By the time it was over, people hurried out the door without stopping for the complimentary cake and pie to celebrate the anniversary of the history center.  

A few things I learned--it was never robbed and it was 2860 miles long.  I would have never invited Dad to go, if I thought it was going to last so long.  He never complained but I felt awful I had asked him to go.  

Bill and I went to Chandler to visit a relative who was scheduled for surgery today but they postponed it so we came back home.  

When I went to lock the door on the coach, I noticed the window looked strange.  Yep, it looks strange.  There's a hole in it.  It looks like someone might have thrown a rock or something at it.  It wasn't like that when we put it in storage.  Oh well, good to be in Arizona.  It hasn't rained in over 50 some days.  Just hold off until we can get it repaired.  

Turtle Safely......


  1. I have a book for you. Historical fiction about the settling around Tucson. A great book called These Is My Words by Nancy Turner. Try it.

  2. Thanks, I think I would like it. Will we see you before you win all the prizes on The Price is Right?

  3. Your Dad probably just enjoyed getting out and going somewhere. And he won't remember much about it by tomorrow except he got to be with you. Too bad the speaker was so boring. That could have really been an interesting topic.


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