Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Step One

Highway 95
South of Lake Havasau City, AZ

This morning we got up early, but not near as early as yesterday.  We pulled out at 8 am with the temperature at 45 degrees but a gorgeous sunny day.  The  temperature was 65 by the time we went through Gila Bend.

Interstate 8 is one of my favorite highways.  It seems like there isn't a lot of truck traffic and I never get tired of looking at the desert and all the saguaro cactus.  There was a little of bit of road maintenance but nothing to cause any delays.  

Notice Bill is driving.  It seems so many times when we head this way I usually drive.  His first picture of driving with no glasses.  I'm so glad that cataract surgery is behind us.  

Our plans were to meet Dennis and Linda Ward, David and Linda Hatcher and John Kohl at noon at the casino in Parker.  We had about 220 miles and figured we should be there sometime around noon.  Dennis called about 11:20 and said they were already there.  We were about 20 miles away and arrived about 11:45.  When we pulled into the casino parking lot the rv's were all parked on the south side.  We're looking all over for 3 Montana's.  I finally called Dennis and they said they'd meet us at the main entrance of the casino.  As it turned out they were parked to the right of the entrance all in a row with nothing else around them.  Are you asking why we couldn't we see them?  It seems they parked in such a good spot a semi parked next to them and blocked any view of the three fivers.  

What do RVers do after all the hugging?  Of course, we eat. We all enjoyed catching up on what's been going on since we saw them at the circle while enjoying our lunch.  

David and Linda had a lot of questions about what to expect for the Winter Blast.  A lot of people think you can see the pyrotechnic show from the steps.  We're still about 15 miles south of the city.  

Bill led the way to the steps and it was a smooth drive with only two traffic lights which we all got through together.  When we pulled in from the road, we realized there were a lot more here than last year.  We didn't go any further than the lower level.  John needed to be located in a position so his solar worked.  We're across from the other 3 but they also have other rigs between them.   

We are almost in the same location as last year.  We have our back window looking out at the Colorado River.  I know last year we had a terrible time getting level.  Now that we have the level ups, you don't even think about it being level or not.  When I hit the auto level button the whole front end went down....way down to the bottom of the levelers.  I pushed the control to abort it.  Hit the auto level button again and realized that we are really on a slope and the level ups knew where it was suppose to be.  Did I mention how much we love this system?  
There's John's Montana in the background pointed sideways for his solar panels.

We wanted to get fuel so we didn't go to the Boomer happy hour.  Ended up having Happy Hour right here.  

There's Dennis and Linda's coach in the background.

That's Dirt in the orange shirt.  He's parked on the other side of us.

My camera battery needed charged or I would have shown you a beautiful moon coming over that big hill.  

Oh yes, the window we lost a little more of it en route.

The next few days promise to be a lot of fun.

Turtle Safely....

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  1. Maybe next year. Sounds like you're having a great time. Jim is fishing so he's a happy, happy man.


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