Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Party is Over


Casa Grande, AZ
Back at the Shack

I'll try and post some of Linda Hatcher's photos from the Western Winter Blast in Lake Havasau City.  She took some excellent shots of the fireworks.  Now I know it's impossible to get the same experience, but try watching this choreographed to some beautiful music.   

Lake Havasau Western Winter Blast

Of course this photo is just a two dimensional still shot.


Now imagine the booming sound of the fireworks.


We were trying to figure out how large an area these expanded and everyone said at least 1/4 mile.  


I don't know how Linda managed to take these great photos.  You were mesmerized watching them and there was one right after another.  The tops of the trees in the foreground will give you an idea of the expanse of these. 

Everyone that knows me, knows I couldn't take photos and watch the show at the same time.  Thank you, Linda.  You might want to check out her blog at Lunalonestar.com. 

It was difficult to know that the event was over, but I think 4 days was plenty.  After awhile you just get on overload and can't add anymore.  

We heard some motor homes leaving before the sun was up.  Bill and I weren't in any hurry to leave but couldn't go back to sleep so ended up leaving about 8 am yesterday.  It was about 1 pm when we pulled into Casa Grande.  

The motor home that was next to us in storage was gone.  After we looked closer at the broken window on the trailer, you could see where something hit the window.  It wasn't broken when we put it in storage.  The motor home was over his line into our space when we parked last time.  It's just the mystery of what happened to the window that is bothering me.  

The glass company was going to come look at it today, but we have to take Dad to the VA in Tucson.  It looks like we might be home on Friday to have them look at it.   

The beauty of living in Arizona.  A broken window can stay that way for a while.  We're suppose to get a cold spell soon with temps down in the 70's.  

Turtle Safely.....


  1. WOW those pictures are incredible. Good luck with the window fix. Never a dull moment.

  2. Outstanding camera work. The Winter Blast just gets better year after year. We have attended nine and looking forward to more.


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