Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Western Heritage Days

Casa Grande
Back at the Shack

Not a lot has happened since my last blog.   

I had the follow up with the retina specialist on Monday.  He was one of those doctors you immediately liked.  He took the time to explain the problem and put it in terms that we could understand.  As long as nothing changes with my eyesight I will not have to have surgery.  The doctor explained the warning signs and how important it is to get immediate treatment if something should change.  I have to follow up in six months.  

Bill is doing terrific with his cataract surgery.  He said he could read the computer better without his readers.  He is so impressed with his eyesight that he decided to go out to the range and see if he noticed a difference in shooting.   We were trying to remember how long ago it's been since he's been but our memory doesn't go back that far.  He purchased a new S & W recently and wanted to try it out.  

Bill wasn't pleased with his shooting but his eyes are still healing.  Not sure what the range he was shooting from but I know anything in the black is good shooting.  The .22 holes in the cardboard were the ones I shot last time I was at the range.

When Bill returned from the range he said he was going to clean the truck.  I convinced him to wait until Thursday when he had the whole day to do it.  There is so much Quartzite dirt on it, it will take the whole day to clean.  

Sometimes when people are married they begin to take on traits of the other person.  Do you remember me blogging about the horrible haircut Bill got in Quartzite?  Well we now have matching haircuts.  Enough said!

Here's a photo of tonight's sunset as we were driving to Old Town.

Tonight we went to Old Town Casa Grande for the Western Heritage night.  It was disappointing to see the few people who attended.  

This Vaquero gave us a history lesson of the Arizona cowboy.  He's written articles for the True West Magazine.  He showed us how his horse was trained and how to use a "parking brake".  This horse used to be a race horse but has a pin in his leg.  Bill got a lesson on how the saddles were different.  
Needless to say, Bill was in 7th heaven.  He really enjoys stories and tales of the West.
Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a singing cowboy on horseback.  
Besides the cowboy theme they still do the car show on the street.  
This wasn't real pretty but it had a lot of people stopping to check it out.
We weren't sure what this was.  It had an Edsel front end and a Ranchero on the back.  

These are the kind of events that we enjoy when we are visiting an area.  I just don't understand why more people don't take advantage of the free parking and entertainment.  

Turtle Safely.......


  1. It is sad that people don't show up for such a great show especially when the weather is so wonderful. And good news about your eye. No surgery!!! Jim is going to check out the cars.

  2. We love Casa Grande and the many activities. We loved the Christmas light parade.


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