Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Blast Day 2

Lake Havasau City, Arizona
Rodeo Grounds-Q5

Our day was pretty laid back.  We went to Wal Mart to get some supplies for John's pancake breakfast.  

The day was warm so I turned on our ceiling fan and found some more stink bugs left over from last year at Goshen.  John seems to think they came in through the vent and must have laid eggs.  He removed the ones on the screen for us.  Thanks again, John.  

Before we knew it the day was almost gone and everyone was gathering for Happy Hour.

Bill played bartender.  Notice the bulging pockets and of course, the shorts for those of you up north.  

Dennis Ward really had us going today.  He told us there was an app on his cell phone that also worked all the remotes on the trailer.  It would work the slides, the fireplace, the tv, the inverter and who knows what else.  He definitely has a poker face and everyone believed him.  Dennis, maybe you should try politics.  We only let you believe we were falling for it, because today was your birthday.  

The weather was perfect to sit outside and watch the fireworks.  Those that haven't seen them before couldn't believe them.  Tonight's just a warm up for the weekend.  Just wait....

We did do a little sampling.   
We decided to skip the snacks.
Sara Park is just over the wall in the background.

The fireworks are still going on and it's after 9 and they started before dark.  

Everyone seems to be having a great time.  

Turtle Safely.......

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