Friday, May 16, 2014

Escapade Closing Ceremonies

Elkhart/Goshen Indiana
Mor/Ryde Customer Service #1
Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds #412

I've got a lot of catching up to do for the last 48 hours.  There's so much going on it's hard to keep up and I keep forgetting to add things.  

Yesterday morning Tony came to our door before 7 and asked if we were ready for our disc brakes.  We woke up at 5:30 am so that we'd be ready for them.  

It was cold and drizzily but it didn't dampen our spirit. We hitched up in a light rain and  Tony pulled the trailer into the garage.  He said the job should take 10 hours.  We knew we had to be back as volunteers for the prize drawing and said we should return around 9 pm.  Tony said we could get a key and come back into the garage.  They had 30 amp electric and if they weren't finished then we could sleep in it.  He asked if we would rather be on the RV site if it was finished.  Bill and I both agreed we'd rather not be in the repair bay.  
Bill and I went back to the Lux Cafe for breakfast and then back to the fairgrounds.  The Row Party started at noon and what a great time everyone had.  I almost think the bad weather was a good thing because everyone was up at the hospitality, market or the row and socializing.  

Johnny sang at the Row Party and before you knew it everyone was dancing. 

Denny and Susie Orr dancing for 50 years together.  
Sarah and Bill seeing how low they can go.  Sarah has the energy of a teenager and she can't wait to do the row again in Tucson.

  Bill and I had bought 3 Arizona t-shirts for door prizes.  I was so glad we did that because they came by with the microphone to each chapter that had a prize drawing.  The first winner got away before I had a chance to take a picture.
We decided to walk over and see how John Knoll was feeling but when we got to the infield decided against it.  The shuttles weren't going to the infield because of the mud.  Nothing as bad as the Sedalia rally a few years ago.

After the row party we packed up the row stuff and went down to the Happy Hour.  

They have beer, soft drinks, wines and margaritas along with snacks.  
Pat Miller, Denny Orr, me and Roger Grant.  Bill said it was a picture of me drinking with the "boys".  Even though it was the coldest day, we all started feeling warmer.  By the time it was time to meet up for dinner at the wings place both Bill and I decided we shouldn't be driving.  Sharon drove the truck and she said it brought back memories of her days when she was a solo drive with a 38 foot 5th wheel.

Don and Sharon Del Rosario, Frank and Gloria King and us  went to the wings place.  The food was good but way too much.  Can you believe between the six of us, no one took a photo?

By the time we got back to Elkhart, we were happy to see the trailer set up on the lot with the electric on.  We went straight to bed after calling and checking on my dad.  

The Redwood that was next to us had a 6 am service call.  They were noisy enough to wake us up so we just got up and started our day.  We went over to check in with Tony and give him back the key to the building we didn't have to use.
He wanted us to drive the rig and make sure everything was satisfactory.  I jumped in the driver's seat and Bill jumped in the backseat.  What a difference!  I can't believe how much faster it stops.  I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of Tony. 

We walked over to pay our invoice and Sarah and Kelsey gave us t-shirts.  They wanted to know what color we wanted.  It would have been nice on a day like today if they had sweatshirts, toboggans or gloves .  

Gary Wheeler had told us yesterday that he'd be happy to give us a tour of the factory while we were there.  While we waited for him I tried to figure out the fancy coffee pot.  Note they had a sign that said if you couldn't figure it out to ask Sarah or Kelsey.  It made me feel not so stupid.
I noticed the sign on the counter that the Montana Owners Club had given Mor/Ryde last October when we were here.  
I asked Gary to stand next to it.  It was nice to see they valued it and displayed it.  
I've toured a lot of different factories but I have never been as impressed with a company as this one.  
They work on every one of the Cruise America class C's before they are delivered.

They were serving a free lunch to all the employees.
Bill drove back to Goshen and he couldn't believe the difference.

We pulled back into the fairgrounds and I asked Molly Pinner where to park.  She said anywhere we wanted.  We pulled over into the northwest area.  Nick Russell saw us pull in and said we could have his spot as he would be leaving in a half hour.  We saw an empty spot a few sites down and backed into it.  Just a slight drizzle now.  Bill got it parked and the people on the other side asked if we knew the sewer was on the opposite side.  No problem, I think we saw another site another row down.  Bill backed into it and we were set up in no time.  

Bill and I always enjoy the pet parade even though we don't have any pets.
I don't know if you can read the sign on this dog but it says, "Eat More Chicken".  This dog looked like a cow.  

I hurried over to the Chili Cook-Off to help and by the time I got there they had everything done.  The Chili was all good and the VCR's KISS (Keep it simple stupid) came in 4th.  It was a lot of fun and a perfect day for chili.

Closing ceremonies were at 3 pm.  There were 543 rigs at the rally.  Not bad considering how early in the season it is.  
Paul Evert RV hosted Happy Hour again.  The attendees really enjoyed the happy hour every day along with the nice music.

We all enjoyed Happy Hour since we knew Don was our designated driver for tonight.  

Lois and Bill Boose invited us to dinner along with Joe and Alice Knox.  Don and Sharon asked us what we were doing for dinner so they joined us.  We went back to the Lux Cafe.  I think everyone in there was from the Escapade. 
 Bill ordered a bowl of soup as he wasn't hungry. 

Sharon put her bowl of soup which was a side she chose with her dinner beside Bill's bowl.  

It was another fun day.  All the people who are in the infield get a complimentary extra day from the fairgrounds due to the mud.  They have worked hard to make everyone happy.  They also brought in gravel to help negotiate getting out.  

Tomorrow is hitch up day. 

Turtle Safely........


  1. That's one of the problems heading north. The weather isn't always as nice as we'd like. However, we had plenty of wind, rain and mud in Texas too and we certainly know that's not north.

  2. Thanks for the great recap! We had similar weather here in Custer SD except some of it was snow! Did they happen to announce specifics of the 2015 Escapade? Especially where exactly in Tucson it will be? Just wondering..

    Hank Whitney

  3. Thank goodness, I have all the snow clothes with us.

  4. Hope we get to do Escapade one day.

    1. Tucson next year in March should be the easiest one you could go to.

  5. Looks like you had a great time. Sorry to hear the weather was so bad. maybe we will see you at the Escapade next year. We will be in Tucson for the winter and may go out just as walk-ins. I added you to my blogs to follow. Such fun!


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