Monday, May 12, 2014

Goshen Escapade Opening Day

Goshen, Indiana
Elkhart County Fairgrounds
Site # 503

With everyone here at the fairgrounds, I'm sure everybody is using their computers at the same time.  Internet is a very slow connection.

Yesterday was early bird registration, and it was so good to see friends we haven't seen for awhile. Sharon and Don Del Rosario and Frank and Gloria King were manning the Information desk.  

The row room was available for set up at 11 am.  I can't believe how cramped it is.  For those of you not familiar with the Escapees, the Row, is where each of the Chapters of the Escapees have a display of their local Co-OP or Chapter.  Our six foot table  was at the corner.  When we had the banner up and the people behind us had their's up it didn't leave much room to move around. No sooner than we completed setting up, it was time for the rehearsal parade of banners.  Susie and Denny Orr are in charge of the Chapters and they made the practice run pretty simple.  

After the rehearsal we had about 45 minutes before the row dinner started.  Paul Evert's RV sponsors Happy Hour everyday.  They have beer, wine, margarita's and snacks. We carried our drinks into the dinner and pretty soon, everyone went out and came back with their drinks.

When the dinner was over, they announced that a storm was coming towards Goshen.  We watched the alerts and saw that Gary had winds of 78 mph.  We kept waiting and about 9:30 we had some rain but it didn't last long and we didn't notice any winds.  

This morning we made a quick walk through the RV market and then to our table on the row.  

Opening ceremonies were at 3 pm.  I am totally amazed at the number of newbies.  There were two prizes of $500 each.  The parade of banners followed and thankfully, we didn't trip or the banner fall apart.  

Don and Sharon invited us to dinner with Gloria and Frank King.  We knew we didn't have much time since we needed to be back for tonight's prize drawing and show.  Don suggested the Lux Cafe and it was a good choice.  

I forgot to mention that Frank is doing some sheet metal repair from his recent flat tire.  He really did a nice job.

Bill and I were runners for the prize drawing.  Whenever someone wins we take the prize to them.  It was fun and we'll be doing it every night.

Tonight's entertainment was wonderful.  I didn't see anyone leave early and there was a lot of sitting on hard chairs.  

Sorry I didn't have photos, I left the camera in the row room.  Sharon probably will post some good ones though.

Turtle Safely.....

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