Friday, May 2, 2014

I have my ins and outs mixed up!

Paola, Kansas
Lake Miola Campground

I'll explain the title of this blog to you.  Everyone who knows me knows about my calendar problems where I lose days.  We normally travel by the two-two rule.  Parked by 2, stay 2 days, not more than 200 miles and no more than 2 museums per day.  Today we had it backwards.  

This morning we drove up to Abilene about 45 miles to see the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum and Boyhood Home.  We arrived right behind a school bus full of kids about 8 or 9 years old.  The ticket/gift shop was being remodeled so you had to go around the building and in by way of a solid door with no window.  They placed the temporary ticket counter right by the entrance.  It was a struggle to get the tickets with the door opening and closing right by the line.  

Our tickets for the boyhood home were for a 10 am tour so we started with the Place of Meditation.  
President Eisenhower, his wife Mamie and their first born son, Doud are buried here.  

This is the boyhood home of Dwight D Eisenhower.  The home is on the original site.

Some of the furniture and items were left when mother Ida Eisenhower died in 1946.

The museum was built by the Eisenhower Foundation and by public gifts.
These were murals on the walls when you enter the museum.

Of particular interest to us was this map showing the relocation, assembly and isolation centers during the war.  We live within 10 miles of the Gila River center and Bill worked for the Gila River Gaming Commission.  

The museum really covered World War II well. There was a time line which helped to put all the events in place.  

Naturally, Bill took many photos of the weapons.  All the school boys were checking these out too.  Some boys just never grow up.

I thought this car was interesting.  It was a 1914 Rauch and Lang Electric Automobile which belonged to Mamie's mother.  It weighed over two tons and was powered by 45 one cell batteries.  (I guess they didn't use solar panels in those days.)  In it's day the Rauch and Lang cost $4,300.  Ladies could drive these cars because they didn't have to be cranked.  The front seat swiveled so the ladies wouldn't expose their ankles.  They also had vases for fresh flowers. 
 There was an exhibit on Mamie Eisenhower.  She was quite the fashion setting person.
I took this photo of Bill and it looks like he is parachuting. 
This bronze statue of General Eisenhower was eleven feet tall.
This seal was huge and in front of the statue.

Bill and I both agreed that there was more about Eisenhower as a General than as a President.  
We drove to Old Town Abilene but it wasn't much.  

We took a drive through town and there were some beautiful old homes. One of our favorites things to do is check the architecture examples of the towns we visit.   
This was the Lepould Mansion.  It wasn't open for tours.
After our  lunch stop we headed back to Lindsborg.  We got back about 2 pm and decided to head on down the road.  That's my ins and outs mixed up.  We should be arriving not leaving.  The weather was beautiful and we have things and people down the road to see.  

Bill drove today and we traveled across US 56 East to highway 150, highway 50 and I 35 to highway 68.  We are in a beautiful city park in Paola, Kansas called Lake Mialo Campground.  With the weather forecast calling for the 90's and it being Friday night, we were happy to find a vacant site.  We decided to stay tomorrow night too, since this is such a beautiful site.

Turtle Safely.......


  1. i probably would have turned around and gone home when I saw the busload of kids. Glad you hung in there. You do have a gorgeous site and I don't blame you for hanging around.

    1. We're the only ones without a fishing pole.


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