Thursday, May 1, 2014

Little Sweden USA

2 Lindsborg, Kansas
Old Mill Campground

It was difficult to say "See 'Ya" to Don and Sharon.  We had such a wonderful time with them.  We'll see them again next week at the Escapade in Goshen, IN.  

As we pulled out of the fairgrounds around 8 am we saw this employee putting the tumbleweeds in this trailer and then huge flames shot out.  Pretty nifty to just burn them on the spot.

Our travels had us leaving town on US 54.  I received a call from Joe and Alice Knox and they were 5 miles away.  As I was talking with him, he saw us go by.  What a small world.  We'll be seeing them again next week in Bremen, IN.  It would have been nice if we'd have known they were in town yesterday.  

Hank Whitney also called today and we were very close to each other Sunday night.  

I thought this "Hot and Cold" water towers was cute.  

We took US 281 north to Great Bend, then highway 156 to highway 4.  Our plans when we left this morning was to stay at the COE in Marquette.  I noticed that today would have been the first day they were open.  I noticed a city park in Lindsborg for $7.00 per night with 30 amp service.  
  There is one other rig in the park.  
The campground is on the other side of this one lane bridge.

When I went into the local museum to pay for our site, I asked the lady how tall was the bridge.  She said no one had ever asked before.  It looked questionable to me.  I found out we could go about 6 blocks further and come in from the highway.  Of course, Bill thought that was a good idea.

I called Progressive Industries this morning because our EMS quit working.  The lady told me to mail it back and to give them an address where they could mail it back to me.  

There wasn't anyone in the post office--no take a number, no long lines.  The postal clerk kept trying different size boxes to see what would work best.  It was actually a pleasant experience.  

Lindsborg, Kansas is known as "Little Sweden USA".  It is a quaint very neat town.  Most of the streets are brick with very neat shops lining Main Street.

We've noticed traveling through these small towns that they all seem to have a "theme".  Lindsborg is no different.  They have a herd of 31 Wild Dala in town which is the nation's only herd.
A Dala horse is a Swedish icon of a bluntly rounded tail free horse that used to be whittled out of wood.  The lady at the tourist information  center told me that people used to give them to families in exchange for food.

In our Lindsborg attractions booklet we saw that Coronado Heights was a winner of "8 Wonders of Kansas".  Since we'd seen the statue of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado who came to Liberal in 1541 yesterday, we decided to see it.  It's a good thing the truck was dirty because it's out dirt roads.  There were absolutely no signs directing you to it.  The brochure said it was ideal for weddings, artists  and flying kites.  

I drove the truck up this windy one lane dirt path, and finally arrived at our destination.

It was gloomy, dirty and neglected.  Not a place I could imagine for a wedding.  
That's me up on the top waving.

We also had read in the brochure about Hoglund Dugout.  It was less than 2 and half miles from Coronado Heights.  If we didn't know the distance we would have never found it.  
It was down the dirt road and the brochure said to look for an opening in the tree line and walk about 50 feet.  It also said there are no signs.  What would it take to put up a sign?  

It was in disrepair and full of dirty stagnant water.  Have they not heard of preserving history around here?  

This dugout or pit was the first home of a Swedish couple Gustaf and Maria Hoglund.  It was built in 1868 and was approximately 6 foot by 12 foot.  They used their wagon as a roof.  

We had thought of visiting the museum but were getting hungry so we returned to the coach for our first dinner at home since we left Casa Grande.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. All your eating out just cracks me up. The outside of that place would look cool in wedding pictures but the inside definitely leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. It's rare to find a place to spend the night for $7.00. Even the "free" parking at Wal-mart costs more.


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