Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nothing New

Bremen, Indiana
Pla-Mor Campground

Not a lot going on today.  We said good by for a day to Joe and Alice Knox before pulling out around 8:30.  They are staying one more day in Springfield before joining the Escapees Chapter 45 members who are joining up here for the Escapade.  

Bill drove the entire way.  Our plans were to stop in Remington at the Caboose RV Park, but when we got near there decided to just drive on in to Pla-Mor.  

Bill and I both agreed that we have not driven on such terrible roads in a long time.  US 54 had a crew paving the shoulder of the road.  I think someone should have told them they were putting it in the wrong place.  It should have been on the highway.  Two lane roads are what we prefer, but there is a difference on two lane western roads  compared to eastern roads.  

I knew we were going to be parked on grass at this RV park but it is much nicer than the website shows.  We are parked on the end with nothing near us.  

We enjoyed our dinner outside for the first time since we left Arizona.  

Tomorrow we plan to kick back until the other members get here.  
I hope this bird isn't thinking about building a nest here.

Turtle Safely..........

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  1. Nice that you can relax in peace and quiet for a day before the hectic time of Escapade. Haven't seen grass in forever.


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