Saturday, May 3, 2014

Paola Welcome!

Paola, Kansas
Lake Miola City Park
Back In

Have you ever received a phone call that knocks your socks off?  Well we received one yesterday about five minutes after I posted yesterday's blog.  

The phone call was from Linda Ward.  She said we drove right by their home.  One of our most memorable times was our trip to the Winter Blast in Lake Havasau City last February and they joined us there.  We chatted for awhile and they said they'd be by in the morning to take us to breakfast.  
Dennis and Linda arrived about 8 am.
What a great place for breakfast.  It was called We B Smokin.

There were not many cars in the parking lot even though the place was packed.  Most people fly in for breakfast.  This restaurant is at the Miami County Airport.
What a great time visiting with Linda and Dennis.
The wall behind us is covered in airplane paraphernalia.
 Can you see the planes?  We watched one old couple climb into their plane.  The man made sure his "date" was strapped in and then went around to the other side and climbed in.

There were many cases of barbecue awards.  

They had a wall full of different barbecue sauces.  Dennis picked out "hog's ass."

Dennis drove us around the lake to show us where we could dump.  

Here's a photo of the city park from the other side of the lake.  There's two Montana's there, we didn't back up to the lake as we thought the families that were fishing  would want those spots.  

We then went to their home and I guess I was looking around so much that I didn't take any pictures except this one that was all blurry.  Trust me--it's gorgeous.  They completely gutted this house.  What a view--not one view but a panoramic view. 

They took us back to the park and we made a trip to the laundromat and Walmart.  

One of the other nice things about this park is they allowed you to wash your rig.  It was late in the afternoon, but we really needed to get some of the dust off the trailer.  I'm one of those people who doesn't have my phone nearby all the time.   When we were finishing up, Linda and Dennis came back because I didn't answer my phone.  
They said they wanted to take us to dinner.  You don't ever have to ask me more than once.  

They suggested Chinese and what a great choice.  It was a buffet that had small amounts put out at a time but they were refilling it often so the food was very fresh.  They had a wonderful selection and the staff family was very friendly.  A young fellow about 10 came and took our drink order.  

Dennis then drove us over to see his farm.  
These are black angus cows and they were checking to see how many are pregnant. Dennis gave us an abbreviated lesson on farming.  Did you know that the cows are bar coded and every slice of meat from that cow will tell you where it came from.  Bar-coded meat can be shipped anywhere in the world.  He also said they use a sonogram to tell you how marbleized the meat will be.  

This is part of the feed which is ground up corn.  Dennis said a nutritionist will tell them how much of the ingredients to use and this changes as the cows age.  

I hope I got all of this right, but I'm a city girl and I was proud that I recognized a cow.  It was very interesting and I had no idea how detailed farming is.  I'm used to seeing cows on Bill's cowboy shows that are in the 1880's time period which I figured you drove up the Chisholm Trail and put them on a train.  

They also grow all the hay for feed.  No wonder the old saying says a farmer's work is never done.

What a wonderful day.  Thank you so much, Dennis and Linda.

Even though it was getting late when we arrived back, Bill got the bucket out and cleaned the truck.  He usually puts a coat of wax on it when he washed it, but it was getting dark.  

He's tired, but now you can say "he's a happy camper".

Turtle Safely......


  1. Having local tour guides really does make for a fun day and good eating.

  2. I am so happy you guys got together. Looks like everyone had a great time. Linda and Dennis are such nice people!!!

  3. What great pictures of you and our friends. It felt we were right there with you.


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