Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ten Miles Up the Track

Elkhart, Indiana
Mor/Ryde Customer Park
Back IN

Yesterday there was so much going on I had no time to blog.  Now that I look back, I wonder where the day went. Here's some rally photos I forgot to post.

Somehow this boat looks out of place in this 1880's setting.  
The temperature was suppose to drop by 20 degrees and there was a 70% chance of rain predicted.  Bill and I normally like to walk over to the general assembly building but the mud was terrible on the horse track so we hopped on the shuttles.  

The Row, Escapees Chapters information tables, hours were 10 to 1 yesterday.  For lunch yesterday we bought the "comfort lunch".  The meal consisted of Salisbury steak, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad and rolls.  The daily luncheons are $7.00.  The breakfasts they have are $6.00 and we plan to have one tomorrow.  

I did attend my first seminar of the rally on tablets and smartphones put on by the Geeks on Tour.  The seminar was packed as usual when they are the instructors.  Happy hour by Paul Evert RV's followed.   

Bill and I are runners at the Escapade.  Now don't get excited, we aren't actually running.  Our job is to hand out the prizes during the prize drawing every night.  The nightly entertainment last night was Homestead Pickers.  They were very good and are from Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri.  

John and Karen Knoll

I think I forgot to mention that Bill is getting his Father's Day and Birthday present combined here in Indiana.  He's wanted to add disc brakes to our Montana.  Naturally we stopped to talk with Gary at the Mor/Ryde exhibit and after talking with him, we are scheduled for disc brakes tomorrow morning.  There next available appointment would have been in June.

We hitched up this morning and took the rig up to the parking lot by the office.  Since it wasn't raining, it was a good time to do it.  The weatherman was predicting rain this afternoon.  I'm sure we left a lot of tracks in the mud. 

Bill worked the Chapter table while I attended an excellent class on the Rand McNally GPS.  I can't believe how many people own them.   Molly Pinner and friends came by and Bill took a picture of her new hairdo.  
It's funny that when you run around with people you start to look alike.

This afternoon we drove about 10 miles up to Mor/Ryde.  They have 50 amp service including cable.  Gary said there was a lot of construction and it would be difficult to get to it.  Boy was he right!

The first street we were to make a right hand turn had it closed.  The actual address isn't there anymore.  They have taken over the whole block and the street in between is now part of their building.  We saw the trailers and came in next to a building with a backhoe and dump truck working in it.  The dump truck driver saw us and said he thought we might be able to get down to the sites.  He scooped the path and we went down it.  It had started raining so it was muddy everywhere.  Bill got it backed in in no time and the first thing we did was turn on the fireplace.  The temps tomorrow are suppose to be in the 40's but later on in the week back up to 80's.  

Tonight is the Ham-O-Rama practice so we don't have to go back to Goshen for the prize drawing.  Our tech told us they will take the trailer in tomorrow morning at 6:30 am.  Did I mention 6:30 am?  

Turtle Safely.........


  1. You will LOVE the brakes. That's the first upgrade Roger installed when we returned home in April. What a difference!!

    1. I have been doing more driving and I can't wait to try them out. We take it out for the test run today.

  2. Sorry the weather is so rainy. Glad you guys are having fun. We go to Moryde every time we are in Goshen for a tune up

    1. They really know how to treat a customer. We're paying more than from another vendor, but we know they take pride in their work.


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