Monday, May 19, 2014

Time to Say Goodbye to Goshen

Goshen, Indiana
Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds
Site #412

Hitch up breakfast was Saturday and every one said their "see ya's down the road".  I was surprised at the few rigs that pulled out.  No one seemed to be in a hurry.  

Before we knew it, it was time to attend the VCR workshop.  Susie and Denny asked everyone to come at noon for left over chili for lunch.  The workshop lasted until 4 and then we rode with Don and Sharon over to the Amish dinner.  I can't believe how much food we ate.  Dessert consisted of two pieces of pie and homemade ice cream with caramel sauce.  

While we were at this dinner, the Chapter 51 rally also had one.  We had thoughts of coming back and going to at least listen to the music but by the time we got out of the car, all we could do was waddle home.  

The next morning, Gloria and Frank stopped over to say good bye.  We'll miss them, they're great people.  

Sunday there were some great activities planned by the Escapees Chapter 51 but we were just both exhausted.  It called for a day just to veg.  Bill slept about 4 hours got up and dozed again on the couch.  Don and Sharon called and asked if we wanted to join them and the King's for dinner but we had just had an early dinner.

We walked over to Harley Hill to say our good byes to Don and Sharon Del Rosario this morning.  They are off to a great adventure in the Maritime. 

Today the rally schedule included a tour of the Bag Factory and a luncheon at the Trolley Cafe.  Last October, the Montana Owners Club Rally had a ladies trip to the Bag Factory and it was the day we had to take the Montana in for a repair so I was glad we finally made it.

There is a lot of history about the Old Bag Factory.  
These were the original switch panels for the trolley.
There were shops from furniture to chocolate.
There would be a corner with some artifact from the factory.

I walked into this "safe" room and Susie Orr pointed out that there was a window in it.  
They made bags for lots of products.
Notice Susie nor I are carrying any packages.  

I'm sorry I forgot to take photos of the Trolley Cafe, but once again the prices for restaurants in this area are very reasonable as well as great food and service.  

By the time we returned it was time to get my dish prepared for the potluck and head over for Happy Hour.  This group had 97 people attend.  

Joe and Alice stopped by after we returned from the pot luck.  There plans have changed, but that's OK there are always alternate ones.  We said our "goodbyes" as we may pull out tomorrow or the next day.  Our tentative plans are to be near the kid's by the holiday weekend.  

Turtle Safely......... 

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  1. 97 attendees - that's a bunch. Jim wanted a four hour nap today but I made him get up after two because our power went out. But he got us back up and running with air again. Thank goodness. Be safe when you head out.


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