Sunday, June 8, 2014

Frontier Days in Steubenville, Ohio

Follansbee, West Virginia
Meadowbrook RV Park

The weather forecast called for rain beginning this morning.  I checked the website for the time of the Fort Steuben Frontier Days.  They only had the dates, no times.  We left around 9:30 am figuring it would probably start around 9 or 10.  Parking wasn't a problem since upon arrival we found out it starts at 11 am.  

While we were waiting and the weather wasn't bad we decided to walk the main streets and tour the murals.  There are a total of 23 murals within an easy walk of the old downtown area.  

Rotary/Unibank by Robert Dever.

This was the "Ohio Bell Telephone Exchange by artist Dan Sawatzky.

This one is titled "Old Reliance Firehouse."  Bill is trying to make up to the ladies.

This one is titled "Market Street Mural."
Drug Store by David and Susan Frye.
Market Street Mural by Michael Wojczuk.
Franciscan University of Steubenville by Alan Wylie.   

Stanton Park by Alan Wylie.  

I picked up two brochures at the visitors center but there wasn't any information but the location, name and artist.  I wanted to know who paid for them, how long it took to paint one and why they did it.  

Edwin Stanton was born in Steubenville in 1814.  He was appointed secretary of war by President Abraham Lincoln.  He died 4 days after being appointed to the US Supreme Court in 1859 by Ulysses S Grant.  

This is a replica of the fort.  Fort Steuben was built to protect the surveyors of the Seven Ranges from hostile Indian attacks in 1786.  The fort is one of two in the state of Ohio that has been reconstructed.  The fort was abandoned in 1790. 

The First Federal Land Office was built in 1801 to record the land deeds for the Northwest Territory.  This was an original building.  

The docents were very knowledgeable but Bill and I were disappointed that they weren't in period clothing.  
Bill did very well throwing the hatchets.

This was the enlisted men's quarters.  
Every fort has a blacksmith shop.
This was the officer's quarters.  This was a portable bed for the officer.  Bill asked if it was the first known RV.

I wanted a picture of this beaver because on the golf course the other day I saw one walking into the woods.  I think it was bigger than this one.  

It was another pleasant day and the rain never started until we were having dinner.  

Maybe tomorrow we'll wash the rig or maybe not.

Turtle Safely........ 


  1. I love seeing all the murals in small town America. They offer such a fantastic look at life as it used to be. Sure glad the rain held off. Beavers can be so destructive but it is wonderful if you can catch sight of one.

  2. Love the murals in the towns. I've always admired them too. Glad the old forts are there to tour but sure glad we have more modern conveniences today.

  3. Those murals were beautiful. Looks like a fun place to visit. I'll have to go back and see what campground you're staying in.

  4. This "campground" isn't much. It's a house that had a lot of land and they installed 50 amp pedestals and sewer to benefit from the gas line workers. They definitely didn't think this place out. It's not anywhere near level but we're here for the location while we're visiting our family. There isn't much in the area to pick from. There are only two rigs in the whole park.

  5. Interesting tour and towns with murals are great to walk around in - always quite fascinating.

  6. I didn't know Steubenville had so much history. What a wonderful fort.

    I love the murals. Strange that the Visitor's Center couldn't give you more info on them.

  7. The Frontier Days (formerly Ft. Steuben Festival) are the start of the Steubenville festivals week. The Grecian Food Festival starts tomorrow and the Dean Martin Festival starts this weekend. Two famous sons of Steubenville include Jimmy the Greek and Dean Martin. The murals are a bit faded and dated now. Some have been updated through the years though most are in the original condition. A large one of Dean Martin is at the Kroger Hollywood Blvd. Plaza.

    Franciscan University of Steubenville began as the College of Steubenville and is now a world renowned University with students that attend from around the world. The professors broadcast lectures that Catholics are familiar with everywhere we go. It is amazing the people that you meet on vacation etc. that are awed to know you are so close to the school.

    Every town has something :-)


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