Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It was a DUD!

Lewisburg, West Virginia
West Virginia State Fairgrounds
Back In Site 27

After all the busy days we've had lately, I was glad today was a dud.  

Last night when we were heading for bed, Bill went to lock the front door and he couldn't get the lock to work.  This morning he found out that a screw came out of the plate that goes around the striker and slid across preventing the striker from engaging.   I was very glad he could repair it as we have the programmable entry where you don't need a key. This just goes to show, if Bill fixed this, there is hope for Nick Russell.  
The day started off cool and sunny and there wasn't anything special we wanted to do other than get Bill a hair cut from a barber that has a barber pole outside his shop and fuel up the truck.  As we were eating breakfast and looking through the brochures the fairground provided, I showed Bill something about a cave tour.  That isn't something Bill would choose to do normally but since it talked about the Civil War cave tour it sparked a flicker of interest.  Next thing I know we are gathering up the jackets and headed down the road.  I plugged the address into the internet address which showed the cave address to be in Rocenverte.  It wasn't far as the crow flies, but the winding, two lane roads with no shoulder around a lot of blind turns took a lot longer to get there.  When we arrived in this small town, we asked around for the location of Organ Cave.  Nobody ever heard of it.  We headed the couple blocks out of town to find somewhere to turn around when we spotted a sign that said 5 miles to Organ Cave which turned out to be a little town not a cave.  We went out the road and never saw any more signs for the cave.  They also advertised on the internet that they have a 34 site RV park for $21.00.  You couldn't pay me to take an RV out those roads!  We were hitting tree branches with the truck.  The cave tour was advertised on the internet as $15.00 admission per person.  I looked at Bill and he looked at me, so we just came back to town to get fuel and a haircut and forgot about the cave.

If you've been following the blog, you know what an adventure Bill has in getting a haircut.  I thought we'd better get fuel first and then deal with the haircut.  This is the first time, we've ever had a hard time finding diesel.  We checked all the stations out and the only one we found with diesel had something wrong with the pumps.  I finally went into a station to ask where we could get diesel.  I was told to go to the Exxon which was the one with pumps that were closed off.  The only other one around was back down the hill toward Roncervete.  

After fueling the truck we made another pass through the quaint town of Lewisburg.  It looked like a pretty town but they only had parallel parking and very very narrow streets.  We couldn't find anywhere to park, (even if we would have had a Mini Cooper).  

We spotted Tom's Barber Shop with a barber pole.  There were three people waiting outside to get in not knowing how many were inside.  Bill decided to wait until the next town.  Based on how things were going today, I was afraid he'd get a haircut like he had in Quartzite.  
It clouded up this afternoon and as soon as Bill went outside to check the air on the tires, the rains came down.  Lasted a few minutes and somehow he didn't get wet.  

I can't believe I was worried about the heat.  Might have to have the fireplace on before we leave here.  

Finally, an afternoon to catch up on my reading and rest my feet.

Here's a few photos that I forgot to download yesterday.
The West Virginia state capital in Charleston.
We didn't stop this trip, but this is the New River Gorge where they do the bungee jump from the bridge.  

Turtle Safely.......


  1. I always thought women had a hard time finding someone to cut their hair while on the road - but then I met Bill and changed my mind. LOL I would have given up on the cave also. Sometimes it's just not worth it. I rafted the New River Gorge but no way would I bungee off of that bridge or any bridge for that matter.

  2. Our SIL installed one of those locks on his trailer last year. You just plug in the code and it opens. However, it only stayed working about three months and no longer works. They now use the key.

    1. Ours did the same thing, you'd have to put the code in about 10 times. I was always persistent and suddenly it's working the first time every time.

  3. Anytime a guy can delay getting a haircut is a good day as far as I'm concerned!


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