Monday, June 23, 2014

Mortuary Museum, Campius Martius Museum, Ohio River Museum, Rufus Putnam House, W. P. Snyder Jr tour--Is that enough?

Marietta, Ohio
Ashland RV Park
Pull Thru Site 21

We try to obey our two, two, two, two rule.  For those new followers of this blog, the rule is no more than 200 miles  in a day, set up by 2 pm and stay 2 nights.  OK, we didn't break the rules on that part.  The last "two" is no more than two museums per day.  Did we ever blow that one?

Our morning plans were to visit the Ohio River Museum  and stop at Walmart for some bread.  I got stung on the toe yesterday and my foot swelled up so I didn't want to walk too much.  Should be home by noon, yeah, sure.

I plugged in "Evelyn" our GPS and off we went.  Bill followed the directions and in no time at all we were at the museum parking lot.  We parked the truck and walked around to the front of the brick building.  Well it was a museum, just not the one we were going to.  The docents were very nice and when we found out we could get a discount by paying $9.00 for the two museums, it was a no brainer.  We're still obeying the rules. 

This first museum was the Campus Martius--(Field of Mars).  The museum covers the time period of the Northwest Territory (1788).  It encompassed three floors and three separate wings.  There was a lot of civil war exhibits on the second floor.  

Bill chided the docents because we learned in Steubenville, Ohio that the land office at Fort Steuben was the first one. Behind the museum is the original Ohio Company's Land Office which also holds the title of  "The First".  Here is where Rufus Putman gave out deeds and also made maps of the Northwest Territory. We still do not know who has the first one?  That makes the land office the second museum for today.   

The docent came by and asked if we wanted to tour the Putnam House.  Why not? This house is over 200 years old.  What a massive structure?  We love having private tours. 

This house is three stories tall, with a basement.  Are you feeling sorry for our legs?

After we finished the tour we were talking with the docents and I mentioned something about the Mortuary Museum.  The docent called the mortuary and scheduled a private tour for us in 10 minutes.  We figured it was close by so we walked down the hill and a few blocks to the Peoples Mortuary Museum.  It was more than a 10 minute walk.  

I'll have to do a whole blog devoted to the Mortuary Museum tomorrow.  Bill and I both agree, we've never seen anything like it nor as well done.  Stay tuned, tomorrow.  

After the Mortuary Museum we walked up the street to the River Museum.  This one consisted of three buildings plus a tour of the W. P. Snyder, one of the last steam powered, stern wheeler towboats.  

This museum is located almost directly across the Muskingum River where we are staying.  We walked up and down steps all over that towboat.   Now I must say this was not air conditioned and we were in the heat of the day.  We skipped the grounds exhibit of the pilot house and the flatboat.   By the time we hiked back up the brick hill, we were exhausted and overheated.  I must say I might be rethinking our trip to Savannah, maybe we might want to go when it will be cooler. 

Olivia, this photo is for you.  You wanted to know about a Calliope.  Here is one that runs on steam and has keys like a piano.

 We still needed to stop at Walmart for a few things.  Of course the four things we needed were in all four corners of the store.  

Before leaving this morning, we talked with our neighbors who are from Surprise, Arizona and have a Montana.  They also have a red Dodge truck the same color and around the same year as ours.  Our intentions were to visit with them this evening, but we're just going to soak our feet.  

There is so much to see and do, we'll have to come back again for at least a week.  We're limited on time as we will be meeting high school friends to pop a bottle of Maker's Mark that we've been saving until we see each other.  

I'm sure when we come back, we'll be staying here at the Ashland RV Park--$25.00 per night with 50 amp and right along the Muskingum River.  

Turtle Safely.......


  1. Love your two rules. They are like ours except that we do so few museums we should add no more than two trails or falls or lighthouses in a day. Except we probably couldn't keep that one just like you didn't. I actually lived in Ohio for the first 18 years of my life and had no idea they could have an entire floor of a museum dedicated to the Civil War. None of it took place on their soil. Guess it must have been all about the Ohio men who fought. Also can't imagine a 200 year old house that is 3 stories tall in Ohio. Mostly cabins I thought. Just goes to show what I am learning from your stay in Ohio.

    1. Unfortunately, we only spent two days there, but we have a lot of things to see when we return. The town is beautiful and there are so many beautiful old homes and huge trees.

  2. We hadn't heard about the last "2" but it would not be a problem for me. I do not care for museums. I think that I might make an exception for a mortuary museum however, so I will be here tomorrow.

    1. I guess I could have called it attractions of the areas. Sometimes it's scenery, just taking a ride down the main streets or something they are famous for. FOOD!

  3. Even the title of your blog wore me out. We could never go sight seeing together because you would kill off both Jim and I. I, too, am really looking forward to the mortuary museum. That sounds right up my alley.

    1. The Mortuary Museum is on the way to Virginia.


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