Monday, June 30, 2014

Not our usual sightseeing!

Mount Airy, North Carolina
Mayberry Campground

We pulled out of Gretna, Virginia Saturday morning.  

The night before on our way home from visiting Garner and Inez Willey my foot started to itch in the exact spot where it had swelled up after the bee sting in Marietta, Ohio. It then started swelling and turning red.  Our plans were to visit the Richard Petty Museum but decided to head straight to Mount Airy and a urgent care.  

Bill and I decided we'll wait here in Mount Airy for our friends, Ron and Gay Smith, who are coming up this way from Florida.  We've stayed here a few times before and it's one of our favorite places to stay.  

A flat almost level site was quite a change from the previous RV resort.  The level ups worked perfectly.  As soon as we plugged in the power and water, we went to the local urgent care.  It was almost closing time and we got right in.  I was told I have a soft tissue infection from the sting area.  Bill and I stopped at the local Walmart and got the two prescriptions filled.  I was told to keep my foot elevated.  

Bill had a bite on his thigh that kept itching him.  We didn't do a thing yesterday but lay around and watch TV.  Bill started breaking out in welts and itching.  It's strange because it started above his knee and below his waist.  The urgent care had already closed at 3 pm.  I tried finding another in the area that was open with no luck.

This morning we went back to the urgent care.  The doctor told Bill he didn't know what it was but gave him two shots of cortizone and three prescriptions.  

My foot was looking real good--was looking good.  I went out to get something out of the truck and got stung between the toes in the exact spot as the first sting.  What's the chance of that?  

There are so many things in this area to see and the only place we've been is the urgent care and pharmacy.

Stay tuned this shall pass and we'll have some interesting things to tell you about.  

Turtle Safely......


  1. Oh dear! That is not good news at all. I hope you are both feeling better and able to get out and enjoy that area. I can't believe you got stung in the same location, how crazy is that? Almost like the bee was drawn to that spot. WOW!

    Mt. Airy is a fun place. We've never camped there but we have been and toured the town, seeing all of the Mayberry highlights and of course Andy Griffiths house. (he was a very distant relative of mine but I never met him). David even got a haircut at Floyd's Barber Shop. Don't know if the old fellow is still working there or not, I believe he told us he was 84 when we were there, but he gave David one of the best haircuts he's ever had. So if Bill could use a trim be sure to stop in. We ate lunch at Barney's. What a fun town to visit!!!

    Feel better soon!

    1. Dang, Bill just got a haircut on Saturday. We didn't do the Worlds Largest Granite quarry, the Siamese twins exhibit or get a pork chop sandwich at Snappy's. You and Dave are provably to young to remember the TV shows.

  2. The last campground we were in was so unlevel that we had to put 5 Blocks under each jack on the left side, and the wheels were off the ground the whole time we were there. What is stinging you? I better stay away for whatever it is.
    How are the disc brakes working out? How expensive is it to have them put on?

    1. Our wheels were off the ground too. The front end wouldn't extend any further. There's a lot of clover everywhere and bees in all of it. I think I'm going to put the sandals away and wear tennis shoes. Less than the level ups but pricey. We had Moryde do them. It took at least 10 hours to install.

    2. Pull out the combat boots!!! Hope the recovery time is swift. Is there a med you can carry with you for future stings?

    3. I think combat boots might be a good idea.

  3. Not good! You two need to avoid places where things that bite live. Hope you're both well soon and can get back to enjoying the RV life. We love Mt. Airy, too.

  4. Boy oh boy...when it rains it pours. I sure hope you and Bill are feeling much much better this week. And NO MORE bites!

  5. Okay - enough with the feeding of the insects. Sure hope you guys are both feeling much better shortly. I love that campground you're in. We had such a great time exploring "Mayberry".

  6. That's real bad luck to get bit twice in the same spot. Yikes!


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