Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Incline....not one but two.

Follansbee, West Virginia
Meadowbrook RV Park

Yesterday was a beautiful, if not just a tad cool, day.  Bill washed the truck, which could be done daily around here.  I sat outside and cut out the greyhounds that will be used in Amado at the rally.  

Daughter, Nikki, called and asked if we wanted to go to Pittsburgh to see the Incline.  Naturally, we were eager to go which meant Bill didn't have to drive.  A visit to the Incline has been on my bucket list.  We showered and changed and left around 5:00.

It was good to see everyone as we hadn't seen them since the Greek Festival.  Bill hates driving in a big city, and was happy to be chauffeured.  Nicky drives all the time for work and this area is part of his territory so he knew exactly where to go.  

Nikki and Nicky were discussing the incline and it seems both of them were right. Bill says give a "right" score to Nicky who doesn't seem to get many as a married man.  Bill and Nicky do stick together.  They were both talking about two different inclines which we didn't realize.  

Our first stop was the parking lot along the river.  Since the Monongahela, the Allegheny and the Ohio join at this point called Three Rivers I'm not positive which one it was.    
There were a lot of steps to climb from the parking lot leading up to the Duquesne Incline.  

Nikki, Olivia and Levani Balakos

There is another road in front of this but the walkway goes over the road.  

That's right!  Built in 1877 and still running with what appeared to be the original cars.  

The rates were seniors were free, adults were $2.50 and children were $1.25 one way so for $15 the six of us rode up and back.  

There were two cars and a door on each side of the building depending on which car you rode.  
 This incline had cars that were flat on the inside.
They had wooden benches and the wood along the top of the car had been carved.  

The views were fantastic!

When we arrived at the top there was some memorabilia about the city and incline and a doorway out to an observation area.
Levani, Olivia, Nikki and Nicky

Pittsburgh is really a beautiful big city.
And back down we went.... 

Everyone was getting hungry so Nicky suggested Station Square.  This used to be the old railroad depot that has been converted to a very popular shopping, night spots and restaurants.  

We were worried about long lines to get into a restaurant but Houlihans had lots of empty tables.   Levani used to have a great appetite when he was small and then about the time he started school, he wouldn't eat much.  Tonight he wanted a steak.  I was surprised when he finished a 9 oz steak.  He didn't eat all of his baked potato but wanted a to go box for it and later on he was eating it.  

Station Square original building.

After dinner we walked around the station shops for a while before we went to the second incline for a night time ride.

Some people refer to this as the Station Square Incline but the real name of it is the Monongahela Inclined Plane.

This one was built in 1870 making it older than the Duquesne Incline.  

I don't know why the difference in the fares from the other one a short distance away.  Total round trip cost for the 6 of us was $10.50.  

These cars were very different.  There were three doors leading into the incline car and the three compartments were stepped.

The night time view was spectacular!  
There was room in the top compartment for all of us.
They had metal pull down bars to sit on.  Very functional but not as pretty as the other incline.

From the observation deck, you had a beautiful view of the city at night.
There was a fellow singing and playing music.  I hope he used his tip jar for music lessons.  He was having a good time, though.  
Usually when we have family photos, it's of three at a time.  This time we have a photo of the whole Balakos bunch.  
And the old foggy grand parents.

Of course, this was the perfect night with a full moon and beautiful DRY weather.

A street performer had some kind of fire performance and he did the fire trick between his legs.  The guys didn't want to watch that part. 

This plaque gave the impetus for building the incline.  In Pittsburgh hey days there were many industries along the river.  
After a stop at the ice cream shop we waited for the car to take us back down.  Aren't they a lovely family?  I treasure this photo because son in law is in it and smiling.  
And down the lite up tracks we go.....

Bill and I both agreed this was an unforgettable experience.  We were so happy that we spent it with the Balakos Bunch.  Everyone was very tired by the time we heading back.  I think there was at least one person sound asleep on the way back.  Home just before midnight, is this getting to be normal for us since we've been here?

When we think of Father's Day in the future, we'll always think of this great time.  Thank you again Nikki and Nicky, we really enjoyed it.    

Turtle Safely.......


  1. First Nikki and Nicky. I must tell my daughter, Niki, about that.

    What a busy day. Great times.

    1. One is Nicole, which I've always called Nikki and son in law is Nicholas

  2. What a wonderful day! Seniors free is good!

  3. That was one impressive post! Loved that old incline ride and all the photos you posted too. Not too often anyone post pics of Pittsburgh! I remember the photos of the rivers from football games when they'd show Three Rivers Stadium taken from the blimp.


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