Saturday, August 30, 2014

Campground Train

Marshall, Michigan
Camp Turkeyville RV Resort
Back In #17

There were a few sprinkles this morning so we waited a while before walking over to the complex for the flea market.  
The turkeys greeted us like we were old friends.  
Just another flea market where people try to sell things they don't want for prices like they couldn't part with the items.  
Once again, they had a band playing in the gazebo.  They were very good and most of the benches were filled with people enjoying the music.  
I looked and looked....but didn't spend more than 20 cents.
These were the wood carvings that I mentioned in a previous blog.  The turkey is also carved.  
These are all life size and so well done. I wish I could have captured the detail.
One lady told me that they tell the carver what they would like for him to carve and he carves it.  He lives nearby and is very old "in his sixty's".  
OK, we decided it was lunch time.  What better lunch than ice cream or fudge?  I chose the unconventional, two scoops of amaretto and kitchen sink flavors.  Bill, of course, took the conventional, death by chocolate and pecan praline.   He agreed his was delicious  but mine was better.
They were using the overflow parking lot again today.
Here's the story of the turkey farm.  If you click on the picture, it will be large enough to read.
Here's the train station directly behind our rig.  
The track runs right below our living room window.  This is the first time they have been running since we've been here.  
It looks like fun and since I didn't get to ride in the engine in Tennessee because I had sandals on, I thought riding on top of the engine sounded like fun.  
Yep, I may have to try that.  

Turtle Safely.......

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