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Lucky Number Seven

Marshall, Michigan
Camp Turkeyville RV Resort
Back In #17

Today we spent the day touring the W. K. Kellogg Manor House.  When we arrived we weren't sure where to go so entered by the offices door.  A nice man came out and said it would be a self guided tour today.  As Bill was signing the guest book and leaving a donation, the man gave me a booklet on the house.

If you've been following our adventures, you know we love touring old homes.  Most of the visits are with guides and at least half of these homes you can't take photos.  A lot of these home tours are roped off, so you can't actually get the same feeling as ones that aren't. 

Bill and I were the only two people in the 12,000 square foot  mansion.  It is situated on a 32 acre site overlooking Gull Lake.  Cost for the home in 1924 was about $350,000 plus the site cost was $48,000.

You'll notice seven being used a lot in the description of this mansion.  Seven was W. K. Kellogg's lucky number.

 According to the booklet:

  • There are seven letters in the name Kellogg
  • His father, John P. Kellogg was the seventh child of his family.
  • John, W.K's father was born in 1807.
  • W. K. is also the seventh child in his family
  • W.K. was born on the seventh day of the week.
  • He was also born on the seventh day of the month
  • He had seven grandsons.
"If one seven is good, seven sevens ought to be better.  Who can fail to make a success in anything with a combination of seven times seven in the family?"  W. K. Kellogg 1931
I might also mention he lived a simple life based on Seventh Day Adventist beliefs.  

You are immediately impressed, but also counting....there are seven squares in the ceiling.  The entry door is one of seven. 
Seven windows in the library.  There are seven diamonds on the glass covering the bookcase.

 Notice the seven windows overlooking Gull lake in the living room.  It was set up for a wedding party.

You can't see it from this dining room photo but the ceiling has seven designs.  
I was surprised that this breakfast room faced the front but it was very bright and sunny.
The kitchen had opposing windows, a broom closet, ironing board closet and the pantry has been converted into an accessible bathroom.

The door to the right was the cook's apartment which is now used for offices.
The staircase was beautiful, with lots of seven features.
This is Mr. Kellogg's suite which overlooks the gardens and Gull Lake.
This was his exercise room.
One of seven bathrooms with rookwood tile.
He was said to cat nap and then go to his adjoining office to work.
Mrs. Kellogg's suite was next door to the office and also overlooks the gardens and lake.
I believe this room was the grandson's, Norm, who visited often.

I didn't get the beams, but trust me, there were seven in the billiard room.

When you look out the upstairs windows from the suites, this is your view.  

We were allowed to walk the grounds.  I might mention that the carriage house held seven cars.  

Do you want to know how corn flakes were invented?  W. K.'s older brother, John Harvey Kellogg was the business manager of the Battle Creek Seventh Day Adventist Hospital Sanitarium and was the head doctor.  

W. K. had many responsibilities from maintenance to bookkeeping.  

The brothers wanted to find a bread substitute to serve the patients and they discovered the flaking process in 1894.  Thus began, the flaked corn cereal.  
These steps led down to the boat house.  It was cloudy and I didn't trust the Michigan weather, so we didn't visit it.  

It was a nice tour, and especially nice since we didn't have to share it with anyone else.  I was glad we had a chance to tour it while in the area.

This is what we encountered when we returned to Camp Turkeyville.  It's early on Friday, but they are still lining up to check in.  Oh boy, I'll bet there will be lots of campfires. Yesterday the staff brought us red arm bands to wear during all the festivities this weekend.  

Last night we walked over to the restaurant to get a turkey dinner.  I must say it was delicious, hot generous portions and reasonably price.  Throughout the buildings are some life size carvings. Every time we walk over there we forget the camera.  Tomorrow is the flea/antique market so hopefully I'll photograph and can post some of the carvings while we are there. 

We did walk through the gift shop and happen to find a turtle that was on the 50% off table.  
  I have no idea where I'm going to put it, but I thought it was cute.
I did find a place in our bedroom for this though.

Turtle Safely.......

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