Monday, August 4, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Montana Owners Rally--Last Day

Seiverville, Tennessee
River Plantation
Back In #145

We didn't do much today other than visit with people.  It's been a real treat meeting people who we've followed on the Montana Owners Club forum.  I'm sure as soon as we leave I'll forget their names and where we met them.  

We pull out tomorrow, but we haven't decided what direction we'll be going in.  I do know we won't go south or too far east.  I guess we'll decide when we come to a fork in the road.

The Montana Owners Club Rally is September 24 and we are really looking forward to seeing all the new people we've met and the new ones that will be attending.  

Bill has really enjoyed this RV park, even though we are unable to get satellite under all these trees.  They do have a lot of channels on the cable, so that hasn't been a problem.  I was able to watch Manhattan last night, so I'm a happy camper.  It's nice to watch a show like that after visiting Oak Ridge.  

After the hot dog and hamburger dinner we had a surprise.  It was an Elvis impersonator who came to sing for the group.  He plays at a place in the area and according to his contract he can not wear the Elvis clothing when performing outside of his contract. 

Even Dusty got into the rhythm and her head was going up and down in time with the music.  

 He had long sideburns but it didn't quite have the same effect that the Elvis clothes would have.   He had a girl that was with him who was suppose to impersonate Marilyn Monroe.  We enjoyed the singing until the bench got too hard and the air wasn't moving in the pavilion.  We could hear it just as well from our site.  

This has been a great rally and we've really enjoyed ourselves.

If you aren't doing anything next April, the Escapees ACRE Rally will be held here.  It's a great place for a rally and I know the plans are coming along nicely.  April should be a less congested time to visit this area.  

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