Sunday, August 10, 2014

Reptiles and Friends

Lima, Ohio
Ottawa Metro Park Campground
Site #13

Last night we had an interesting program here at the park. Beth Theisen, Park Naturalist, gave a program on reptile fact and fiction.  

We walked across one of the paved trails to the amphitheater where the program was held.  

There were so many families with curious kids that I didn't get a chance to pet this African tortoise.

Here's the intern Jessica showing a box turtle.
The audience wasn't allowed to touch this snapping turtle
The neck is so long, if she were to hold it along the sides of the shell, the turtle could reach back and bite her.  

The program was very interesting and we were amazed at some of the questions the kids asked.  I did learn what they eat and that females have tails.
Do you think Jessica, enjoys her job?

All the kids wanted to know if they could touch the snake.
The audience was given a chance to touch the reptiles, except the snapping turtle.  It was interesting while Beth was talking, the snapping turtle had its head stretched up over the edge of the tall plastic container.  

Well, that was last night.  Today we had a pleasant surprise.  I received a call from John Beckman asking if we were going to be around today.  We had originally planned to leave today, but extended a day to meet up with friends in Monroe, Michigan and finally get to cross off the Henry Ford Museum off the bucket list.  

John and Gerri drove up from Dayton and it was so good to see them.  We never seem to run out of things to say when we get together and today was no exception.  

We enjoyed the tales of their adventures this summer.  I think we might have missed some of the stories of their accommodations however, since we only had a day.  

We were sad to hear about a member of the Escapees club whose motor home was destroyed by fire.  The good news is they have replaced it with a nice motor home. 

It was nice enough of John and Gerri to drive up to see us, but they also came bearing gifts.  Zenders chicken seasoning from Frankenmuth and fresh picked corn (the rest of which is in the refrigerator) and a cantaloupe that smells so good, I can't wait to cut into it.

We checked yelp for a place to eat.  I must say there weren't a lot of good ratings anywhere in town.  
Skyline Chili was mentioned and John and Gerri said they really like it.  We said we liked to go where the natives go so off to Skyline we went.  

Here we are decked out in our bibs and waiting for our 3-way chili meals.  I must say the meals were very good and we enjoyed a pleasant waitress who took this photo.  

It was so good seeing John and Gerri and it will be awhile before we see them again.  Thanks again, for a very special day.  

Turtle Safely.......

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