Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Capitol along with tomatoes and peaches.

Marshall, Michigan
Camp Turkeyville RV Resort
Back In # 17

Yesterday we didn't do much except make a trip to Battle Creek for a Walmart run.  

The camp host suggested we stop at Louie's Bakery and try their nut rolls.  Not to pass up a chance of the local cuisine, we knew we had to stop.  Bill Wheeler had told us they were better than the Shipshewana doughnut shop.  I must say they were very good but I'll have to try the Shipshewana ones again to make sure. 
This wasn't an Arizona sun set, but not bad for Michigan.
Last night we walked over to the restaurant/gift shop/theater/ice cream parlor and shops.  There was a band playing in the gazebo and motorcycles everywhere.  They were having a fundraiser to send WW II vets to Washington.  It was packed and we looked at the line and decided we weren't that hungry.  

Bill Wheeler invited us to meet with his friends, Mike and Sheila Wood, to discuss RVing.  Pat was still working so we met everyone on the porch.  We gave them a tour of our fifth wheel and Bill and Pat showed them their motorhome.  I think by the time Mike and Sheila left they were overwhelmed.  Sheila had magazines from the Escapees, Gypsy Journal, Trailer Life, and FMCA.  Bill gave them a list of websites, clubs to join and also information on work camping. 

Bill and Pat were at North Ranch the same time we were.  They are both very talented --Pat makes some beautiful pine needle baskets and Bill does some great woodcarving.  
I should have had my camera, but didn't have it with us. Trust me, they are very talented.

This morning we drove up to Lansing to take a tour of the Capitol and visit the Farmer's Market.  The parking lots were full, so we parked on the street.  I pulled the truck against the curb, and made sure the mirror was pulled in.  I didn't want another drive by mirror accident as we had in South Carolina.

Bill and I enjoy visiting state capitols and learn a lot about a state in visiting them.  The tours are always free and you learn a lot of the history.

As we entered the building we were told that a large group had just begun and if we took the elevator up to the second floor we could join the tour.  When we got upstairs there were about 20-25 teenagers from a Detroit school.  These teens were impressed and seemed genuinely interested in learning about the Capitol.
When you look down in the rotunda, this is  ceiling of the floor below which resembles a bowl.  
These gas lights are the originals from 1879
The Capitol was restored in 1992 and our guide told us that over 9 acres of hand painted surfaces were restored.  
These paintings were the "gallery of governors".

The House of Representative  chambers were beautiful.  This is the view from the gallery.  
All of the states are represented in the ceiling.  The chandeliers are all crystal and our tour guide told us one of their jobs was to clean them.  It takes a whole day just to clean one while it is lowered to the floor.  
Of course, Bill found the ceiling etching of Arizona.
From the gallery of the senate you can see these beautiful crystal lights and ceiling.
Our guide mentioned that these chairs are brand new.
The oculus of the dome is 160 feet to the top of the inner dome.  

I, as well as Bill, was totally impressed by the intelligent questions the school teens asked.  

We were given a booklet on the Capitol, a different one from the school class, with a lot more information on the Capitol.  We hurried out the door because our time on the parking meter was about to run out.

Here's some Capitol Statistics from the Your State Capitol booklet we were given:
      Height               267 feet from the ground to the tip of                                  finial above 
      Length               420 feet, 2 inches
      Width                273 feet 11 inches
      Perimeter          1,520 feet
      Area                  1 1/6 acres
      Construction      Six years--dedicated January 1, 1879
     Restoration         From 1989 to 1992, rededicated                                           November 19, 1992
Since we had put all of our change in the parking meter,  I asked one of the vendors for change.  Now we could relax and enjoy the Farmer's Market.

The market was in the square in front of the Capitol.  The weather was perfect.  
The music was great and the people seemed to really enjoy the performance.  
We've toured a lot of Capitols but this tour ranks near the top.
Bill said he had a great time.  Do you think that was because he didn't have to drive?

Turtle Safely.....

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