Friday, December 12, 2014

Big Box and Surprise Call

Casa Grande, AZ

What do you think?  Should I open it before Christmas? Well I thought about it, but we've been busy so it will have to wait a few days to see what's in it.  
I decided to write a quick blog before I forget to mention the phone call I had.  I received a call from Keystone wanting to know if all our concerns about the items I mentioned to Nick Davis at the Montana Owners Club rally were taken care of.  We had the option of going to Camp Keystone or waiting until we returned to Arizona.  Most of the couple items were routine maintenance for example our bat wing antenna was hard to crank.  This wasn't a surprise after all the dust storms we encountered.  We told Nick we'd take it to RV Traders when we returned.  He got on the phone with Melvin and arranged for it to go for service on the first Wednesday of November.  We knew we'd be going up to Apache Junction on that day so it was convenient.  I told Brian, no hurry, we didn't need it right away and if someone who was a fulltimer had an emergency to take them ahead of us.  We took Susie and Bud to the next luncheon so didn't pick up the fifth wheel that week.  We didn't pick it up the next luncheon as we didn't go because the carpet installers where here.  We finally picked it up on the day we went to deliver the carpet to Jim and Sandie.   I don't know if I mentioned this but they also cleaned our carpet for us.  As I told Keystone, if we are ever going to get another Montana, we'd buy it from RV Traders.  Having a company with such good customer service is awesome.  Did I also mention they didn't charge us a dime even though ours is almost 3 years old.  Way to go Keystone!!!!

OK, enough for now, we're having some friends in for a Christmas party today.  I'll blog about it tomorrow. 

Turtle Safely......

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