Sunday, December 28, 2014

Broken Bone details

Casa Grande, AZ

OK, I've had quite a few calls wondering what happened and how I was doing.  

I'll start at the beginning.  Yesterday I decided Christmas was over and since I had a bad case of hitch itch decided the best thing to do was to start packing the Christmas decorations away.   

We had most of the boxes and the tree put up in our attic.  The access to the attic is by a pull down ladder.  
 OK, I can see the light bulbs coming on from you.  "Ladder" is the answer.  As Sharon Del Rosario says there are more accidents from ladders than anything else.  While I did have a fall, it was nothing like Don's "trauma".

I found a centerpiece from the dining room table that I missed and climbed up the ladder to put it away.  I only got halfway up when the centerpiece started to slip from my hand and the next thing I knew I fell backwards.  You can't see this from the photo but opposite the bottom of the ladder is a big two layer rolling tool chest.  I landed against the tool chest and then the concrete floor. 

I screamed and Bill came running in from the outside.  We both agreed I should be checked out.  Bill moved everything out of the way in the garage and pulled the car as close to me as possible.  He took the rolling mechanic stool and got me on it to roll me to the car.  I know you readers are surprised by us having a tool chest and a mechanics stool, but every once in while (as often as I love to cook) we actually let Bill touch the tools.  While we don't use the mechanic stool for mechanical stuff, it's great for when Bill polishes the truck.  

My foot was already swollen out further than my ankle.  I kept telling myself, it's nothing--that case of hitch itch is worse.  I said let's just go have it checked at the Urgent Care.  In hindsight, I realize the ER would have been a better choice.   It was after 1 when Bill rolled me through the door in one of their wheelchairs.  He parked the wheelchair as far away from the sick people as he could.   There were only 4 people ahead of us.  It didn't take long before we were called back and they took x-rays. The x-rays were e-mailed to the hospital and then they called back with the results.  The doctor came in and said it was a bad sprain and that I needed to stay off the foot.  That's no problem for me, I really don't enjoy pain.  The doctor left and came back in and said they needed to x-ray the heel.  After coming back to the room, he said that I have a fracture.  They put some kind of fiberglass cast on my foot and said I needed a CT scan but they couldn't do it there.  I need to call an orthopedic doctor on Monday.   

Bill and I are both exhausted.  I was having trouble maneuvering the crutches and was dizzy.  Bill was by my side the entire evening trying to make me as comfortable as possible.  He was up changing the ice packs and giving me the pain pills all through the night.  He never complained once.  

I'll know more tomorrow when I get the CT scan and see the doctor.  

Turtle Safely.........

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