Monday, December 22, 2014

Custom made flag pole holder

Saturday we got a call from Vern Fogler asking if we were home.  We had planned to go to a Christmas party but thought one more day's rest on Bill's back would do the trick, so thankfully we didn't go and were home.  

Vern came down and said let's go see your coach.  I wish I would have grabbed the camera or even my phone so I could show you a photo of his invention.  I promise I'll include a photo next time I'm over at the storage.  He fabricated a flag pole mount that he installed on the Moryde hitch.  We've always wanted one that goes on the ladder, but because of the satellite location we didn't think our satellite would work with a flag in that area.  

It's perfect!  I'll even be able to attach my spinner below it.  He lowered the tailgate and pulled out his drill (which  happened to be fully charged.)  A few holes and voila a front mounted flagpole holder.  

Vern is very talented at welding anything.  I told him he should start selling them.  I guess that would take the pleasure he gets out of making something.  This wouldn't be something you could mass produce because all king pins are located differently and also the curvature on the front caps are different.  How he managed to get it perfect the very first time is beyond me.  I looked at all the other 5th wheels while he was doing it and noticed how different the mount would have to be.  

Thank you again Vern.  It went on so easily that he had time to come back to the house for some Christmas cheer.  We sat and chatted about different destinations and where he planned to spend the summer.  They might go to North Ranch with us again this year.  

Yesterday was spent close to home.  Bill was prepping for his colonoscopy which he had today.  I left my phone at home and I never wear a watch since retiring.  There wasn't a clock in the waiting room and I kept thinking this is taking longer than the 15 minutes it was suppose to take.  He was  scheduled to be there at 9:30.  I was the only one left in the waiting room.  The TV was tuned to CNN and I noticed the time on it was after 2.  Now I'm really starting to panic.  After a little while my little pager lit up.  I went back and was told he was in recovery and I could wait in there little waiting room.  They finally wheeled Bill out so we could wait to speak to the doctor.  This part of the hospital has clocks everywhere.  It seems I was listening to the mayor of New York give his speech and the TV was broadcasting live on New York time, not Arizona time.  Well it seemed like I had been sitting there that long!

Good news was that he had two polyps which was two less than the last time.  He was one tired puppy since he was up at 3 am taking the last of his "medicine".  An afternoon napping on the couch and he should be good to go for the holiday festivities.  

Turtle Safely..........

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