Saturday, January 24, 2015

Classless Class

Quartzite, Arizona

Yesterday Bill drove into town and we filled the propane tanks.  It was a pleasant surprise when we found out it was $2.30 a pound.  I remember paying almost $4.00 in Billings, Mt.  I overheard one man at the Pit Stop saying that one tank held 35,000 and the other 45,000 and they get them filled twice a day.  That's a lot of propane!

I thought maybe I could manage walking around Tyson Wells but we couldn't find a parking spot convenient enough for me.  We rode out Kuehn and found a parking spot, but the gravel was just to thick to manage with the knee cart.  

When we returned Jim Dixon was standing there with a grin on his face.  You just knew he was up to something.  They bought me the perfect pin.  

Now those of you that know me, have to agree it's the perfect pin.  In case this is too small to read, it says "I only have a kitchen 'cause it came with the rig!" If I wear the pin, do you think I won't have to cook?

The Class had a swap thing where everyone brought stuff they didn't want.  You picked a number and when your number was called you got to pick some stuff from the table.  There was a very nice Coleman grill that no one picked, but the bottle of bourbon drew the most attention.  It was gone when my number was called.

It takes forever to just do basic stuff like getting dressed.  I told Bill this morning that I thought we should head home.  Needless to say "The Warden" agreed my probation should be revoked.  It's been very difficult with the rocks trying to roll the cart over them.  I just don't want to ruin any chance of us going to the Pyrotechnic Winter Blast next month.  

Today was the Bloggerfest.  Jeri and Sandie did an excellent job of organizing this first event which appears to be an annual one.  There were over 50 people and everyone had the chance to tell their blog name and a little bit about themselves.  Sandie will send the list of blog sites out in a few days.  I wasn't able to mingle as much because the ground was so rough and I had trouble moving around on it. 
I was surprised how far some people traveled to attend.  It was a great event and I'm sure it will double in size next year.  Great job, Jeri and Sandie.  Did I mention that Sandie stepped up to the plate when George Yates had to cancel?   

I'll post some photos, thanks to Mike Woodward for taking them, of the event.  

Yep, Mike ever took a photo of me on my cart with my yellow balloon.  

Jim and Sandie drove us to Bouse for dinner.  It wasn't much but they have never been to Bouse before.  
Oops, I almost forgot.  We did get a photo of Jim driving a Dodge.  I wonder what General Motors thinks of this.  Maybe they'll revoke his pension.  
Turtle Safely........

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