Monday, January 5, 2015

I Chose Blue!

Casa Grande, AZ

What a difference a few days make.  I'll try and catch up with last week.  

Monday morning we went to our family doctor and he ordered a CT scan.  He had a Stat appointment and they took me right in.  Our doctor said he'd make an appointment at one of the two orthopedic doctors in town.  
We had an appointment for New Year's Eve and when we got to the doctor office, they opened the door for us.  There were no other patients there.  The doctor came in and said the heel was shattered.  He said it is a slow healing bone and no weight can be put on it.  He said surgery wouldn't do much for it and suggested wait and see.  He also told me that he wouldn't perform surgery if I needed, he would have to call in someone else to do the surgery. 

Bill had borrowed my dad's rolling walking seat and I was able to maneuver better than the with crutches.  He also suggested I have a wrist x ray if it still hurt.  

Sherry offered to bring over pork and sauerkraut for New Year's dinner.  I didn't want to take any chances and not have good luck for New's Year.  

Bob Moritz, who was our adopted parent when we attended our first Escapees rally,  e-mailed me and said he had a kneeler I could use.  

 Sherry and Dave were going to the valley and offered to pick it up. They also brought a care package.   I can't tell you what a difference it makes.  

Yesterday, LC and Marilyn Boyer drove up from south of
Tucson to see us.  Marilyn had made enough food for us to eat for the next week.  She also had dessert!  We enjoyed our visit with them.  Marilyn will be having surgery on Wednesday and still had time to do all that for us.  RVer's are the best!

Shirley Christiansen e-mailed the name of a specialist and I had an appointment with him today.  Once again RVer's to the rescue.  Thanks, Shirley.  Night and day difference in the doctors.  This doctor took the splint off, showed us the x-rays, gave us options, made recommendations and spent the time to answer any concerns.  He still said it will take a year and I won't be perfect, but I can handle that.  

Don't you love the denim blue color I chose for the cast.

We have an appointment next week, and I'm thinking if I can crawl up the steps, maybe I can handle the bad case of hitch itch.  

After the doctor appointment I was able to stop at Lowe's and pick out a hand held shower head and then stop at Walgreen's to find a waterproof cast protector.  I was still going strong and went to the grocery with Bill.  After 10 days, I may finally get to take a shower.  Whoopee!

It's been a great day and now that the pain has gone down to just an ache I might feel like a human.  

We also found out that our granddaughter is now engaged.  Two weddings coming up in the future.  

Thanks for all the calls, cards and a full blown letter from Karia.  I still haven't figured out call waiting and for a couple of days, just didn't want to talk.  

Turtle Safely and Slowly....

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