Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Record

Quartzite, Arizona

Jim and Sandie came over to show us where the "Classless Class" was gathering this morning.  I guess I must have gotten left and right wrong.  No problem we just drove across the street.  

Yep, the townsfolk say there are 850,000 RVers out in the desert.  It's amazing how many groups and friends get together here.  With that said, I'm still in a state of shock.  We went to dinner with our dental friends--Jim and Sandie Dixon and Dianne and Tom Wartman.  You might remember if you read this blog regularly that we all went to the dentist together about this time last year.  The Yacht Club was our destination.  Absolutely no traffic whatever.  I can't believe it.  

Even better than that, we were immediately seated with no waiting.  The place was packed but our waiter was very attentive.  

Tom is so generous, he offered to lend me one of his legs.  He said he has lots of spares.  

Jim found a loose connection on our black water sprayer and of course, he had it repaired in no time.  When the tool kit is out, it always draws a crowd and Tom was there to lend a hand.  
The weather was nice, but the winds kicked up this afternoon.  

Saturday is the blog fest that will be going on here.  I think it sounds like fun, and it will be nice to finally meet some people that make comments on this blog. I hope if you are a blogger, you'll be here. For those of you that don't comment, it really means a lot when you do.  I haven't been doing this as long as most but today I finally had more than 50,000 views.  I wish I had started blogging when we first started RVing but you can't go backwards.  

Tomorrow promises to be a busy day.  

Turtle Safely............

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