Monday, February 23, 2015

I Put My Foot Down

Casa Grande, Arizona

Today was circled on the calendar.  I jumped out of bed and put my boot on as today was the day I could put my foot down.  I moved the right leg off the scooter and put it down.  Well, it wasn't what I expected.  It wasn't pain free, but not bad.  I was amazed at how dizzy it made me feel.  With all the steel on the boot it's a lot higher than my other leg.  I guess I was thinking I could be a little bit more mobile.  Okay, maybe this is something I need to do a little at a time.  

Yesterday Bud and Susie Walsh invited us over for dinner.  We sat outside for awhile but the winds forced us inside.  I took my little step stool, so I didn't have to have the scooter inside.  I didn't want to interrupt Khaki and Zoey, the golden labs,  from their nap spots.  

Usually, Zoey is so full of herself but every time she came near me, she was so timid and shy.  She would put her head on my lap and just look up with those big brown eyes.  She stayed by my side most of the evening.   I know how smart dogs can be, but wonder if she knew I had a shattered heel.  

Susie is a great cook and we always enjoy her dinners.  Before we knew it, we'd been there 4 hours.  We haven't seen much of them as we went to Winter Blast shortly after they arrived.  Good Sam rally is this week and a few days after it is the Escapade.

Speaking of the Escapade, I saw that Picacho Peak was having their annual re-enactment of the Battle of Picacho Pass.  This was the most western battle of the Civil War.  The dates listed in the magazine I saw had it scheduled for the 14th.  That would be perfect since the Escapade ended on the 13th.  John and Gerri Beckman told me to check out the state park website and guess what?  It's the following weekend which is the Woodcarvers Week.  Cancel that idea.

Turtle Safely.......

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