Thursday, February 19, 2015

Look Who's Parked Behind US

Casa Grande, Arizona

The following day we returned to Mexico for Bill's permanent crown.  I must say the United States are more handicap accessible than Mexico.  Algondones had ramps, but they were very steep.  

There were a lot of comments as I rolled the knee cart around.  Most of them were that I had too much tequila.   The weather was fine and it took about an hour to get through customs lines which was about as long as the day before.  However, the line the day before was past the canal and it took the same amount of time to cross the border.  

Since Bill wasn't suppose to eat for an hour after his dental work, by the time we crossed the border we were hungry.  I should say, I was hungry.  Bill is never hungry until he sits down to eat.  We decided to eat at the Casino as it was easier and we didn't feel like driving anywhere else.  

When we left the casino dining room, I noticed a Montana parked behind us.  As we drove up, I said that looks like the Newman's.  Bill drove along side of it, and Minnie came to the door followed by her "parents," Janet and Rollie.  They said Linda and David Hatcher and Vicki and Jim Fischer were going back to Mexico in the morning and they were stopping for breakfast at the casino.  I know it was a late start for Janet and Rollie at 7:15 am, but we said we'd join them.  
It was another enjoyable time with members of the MOC.  We all said our "see ya's" down the road somewhere.  

The main reason we went to Yuma beside the Mexican dental work was to get our coach cleaned.  We knew the roof needed a good scrubbing and since neither of us are going to get on a ladder, Yuma is a good place to get it done.  We had a 10 am appointment and they arrived at the casino by 9:30 am.  We decided not to stay another day and pulled out when they were finished polishing it.  

One stop in Dateline to empty our tanks and we were home by 3 pm.  The only thing we removed was the refrigerator stuff since we didn't want to have it on propane until we leave again.  

Turtle Safely......

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