Friday, February 27, 2015

PIR Day 2 and 3

PIR Raceway
Cactus Row 3 # 103
Avondale, AZ

As usual we are so busy at one of these rallies, I don't spend much time on the computer.  

We took the tram to the infield and the exhibits where just opening up.  People went left and people went right.  Bill suggested we start going up the middle as there appeared to be less people.  The first couple we saw, gave us our Escapees hug.  
Isn't this a great photo of Walt and Kellie Gunn?  This is what they look like at the beginning of the show.  I'll try and see if the end of show photo looks as good.  

We went to a Geeks on Tour seminar but all the end seats were taken, and I needed a place for my scooter to rest my leg on.  We know to be early for their seminars as they are the most popular.  No problem, we'll try and catch it later as they are repeating some.

The next day we made sure we were very early for Chris and Jim Guld's seminar.  I found a seat in the front row next to the projector.  I was totally amazed at the number of people that raised their hands to say they had never attended one of the Geeks on Tour seminars.  
There were a lot more food vendors to pick from than on Wednesday.  Bill and I had food from the Iowa Pork vendor and it wasn't bad.  There was so much, we didn't even have dinner as we were both so full.

After lunch we attended a seminar on Alaska guided tours.  We looked in and didn't see any empty seats at the end of the row, but this company made sure they found one that I could use.  

We returned to the coach in time to get my leg elevated for a little while and then went over to the grandstand for the night's entertainment.  Couple were getting rehitched.  We saw a few wedding dresses in the crowd.  Since we forgot our wedding certificate we didn't plan on joining in.  It was almost over when we got to our seats.  Having to use an elevator and sit in the handicap section didn't leave anywhere to meet friends for the evening.  The second floor was filled and the elevator operator wouldn't even stop there.  It was the fourth floor or nothing.  Yes, I said the elevator operator.  When was the last time you rode an elevator with an operator?

The opening ceremonies were over in a short time and the Dina Preston band played.  We listened to a little bit but decided we'd enjoy ourselves more back at the coach.  I think a lot of people thought the same thing as the tram was filled.  Bill said it was the newlyweds going back for something better than music.

This morning our good friends, Roger and Sharon Himes road over to the exhibits in our truck.  I managed some special parking privileges.  We knew we wanted to buy some new chairs and it was easier with the truck nearby.  It was nice that Roger and Sharon have the same kind and they've held up well, and they like them.  

Note to myself.  Take a photo of the Himes today or tomorrow and don't forget "Hickory".

Sharon attended the Geeks seminar that we had attended the previous day so I followed Roger and Bill into the exhibitor tent.  Sharon was out of the seminar about the time the guys were finished.  And they say, "it takes a long time for women to shop."  

We ate our lunches at the day stage as the other section where the tables were located were all occupied.  It didn't matter as it gave us front row seating for the magic show.

Eric Gilliam was very entertaining.  This little girl out of the audience, could have stolen the show.  I don't think one person left the audience once he started the magic show.  

Tonight they have a Beatles show that was the entertainment in 2012 when they had a rally here.  

The winds have kicked up, so no Happy Hour today.  Tomorrow it's suppose to get windy, cold and rainy.  

Turtle Safely......

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