Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ready for the Blast!

Lake Havasau City, Arizona
Sara Park Rodeo Grounds

Yesterday we arrived at the Tire Center a little before our 9 am appointment.  John and Gerri Beckman were already there.  It took a while before they told us to pull our fifth wheel around.  Now we've been looking forward to the Beckman's joining us for the Winter Blast and it just made the excitement better.  We got to sit and talk about the trip while we waited to have the tires installed.

I called them around 8 am to say we were ready to leave this morning.  I forgot how slow "ready to leave" is now.  By the time I manage to get in the truck and get the knee cart stowed away, it seems to take so long.  John and Gerri were already waiting at the picnic area on I 8 when we arrived.  

The day was beautiful and we didn't get a lot of wind until we reached Vicksburg Road.  Of course, we stopped for lunch at the Blue Water Casino.  Bill and I shared the 1/2 pound burger basket and it was plenty.  John and Gerri did the same.  

The Escapees Boomers had a dinner planned for 5 pm at Lin's Buffet in Lake Havasau City.  The food was good and it was nice to see people we haven't seen for a while.  Just tell an Escapee there's going to be food, and they will come.

Jay and Gina Hirt, Gerri Beckman

Did I mention that we have the perfect site?  We are on the end with nothing between us and a perfect site for viewing the Pyrotechnic Show known as the Winter Blast which will start tomorrow.  I'm anxious to see what John and Gerri think about it.  I was so excited seeing all the MOC (Montana Owners Club) members that I didn't have time to take any photos before we went to dinner.  

Turtle Safely.......

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