Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tomorrow's the Big Day

Casa Grande, Arizona

I'm counting the hours until tomorrow's doctor appointment.  I'm really hoping he'll tell me that I'm above the average and my shattered heel is healing just fine.  I really would like to be able to try and put some weight on it soon.  It was six weeks yesterday since the fall off the ladder.  

Thursday we had an appointment with our financial company and I had to go to the end of the sidewalk to a ramp to get my kneeling cart up.  As I passed one business a girl banged on the window and came rolling out in a desk chair.  Her leg was also in a splint.  She asked about the cart and I told her someone had told me you could buy them on Amazon.  I asked her if she wanted to try it and she eagerly said "yes".  After she tried it she was smiling.  She left the office struggling with crutches as we went down a couple of doors for our appointment.  

Bill and brother in law, Dave, spent the weekend at the local show.  Vern called while Bill was gone and wanted to come down to see the inverter we bought.  I said Bill wasn't home, but I could unlock the coach.  
Vern didn't want his picture taken but I got this one.

In no time at all, the inverter was installed.  I didn't think we'd have it in, before the Winter Blast.  For you folks not familiar with the Winter Blast, it is the biggest best Pyrotechnic show that lasts four days long.  

I was concerned about Valentine's Day coming up and I didn't even have a card for Bill.  I thought about walking to the drugstore by myself, but wasn't sure I could go that far.  Sherry came over and took me to the store.  We were gone must of the afternoon.  She never complained every time we went to another store and had to get the cart in and out of the car.  

When she brought me home, she pulled into the garage so I could get out easier.  She asked me if I wanted her to put the Christmas decorations up in the attic.  I said no I couldn't stand the idea of seeing anyone on a ladder.  She kept saying she didn't mind.  She said I'd feel better if I didn't have to look at all that Christmas stuff.  It's true, I really couldn't stand going out in the garage, much less looking at the cause of the accident.  She finally started putting it together and in no time at all had the containers up in the attic.   

After it was all done, I asked Sherry if she wanted to climb back up the ladder so I could have a photo for the blog.  She declined.  

I'm wondering if I will have nightmares after seeing that ladder again, or will I be so excited about the upcoming doctor appointment that I can't sleep.  

I didn't realize how tired I was until Susie called to say Bud and her arrived back in Casa Grande.  She said they had a beautiful trip down with no winds and no traffic.  

They had a dead battery on their coach, but in no time had it charged up enough to run the level ups.  Normally, we'd have jumped in the car and run over to welcome them back and of course to get our doggy fix from their beautiful golden retrievers, but I was exhausted.  

I'll keep you posted on the doctor report.  

Turtle Safely.........

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