Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Winterblast in Arizona

Paradise Casino
Winterhaven, CA

I know I haven't blogged for awhile but we were so busy that we literally crawled into bed every night the minute we walked inside.  

In all honesty the Pyrotechnic Show was better last year for its 25th Anniversary than this year.  That doesn't mean it wasn't great.  There were 18 Montana rigs from the Montana Owners Club.  Our location couldn't have been better.  

We did go up to the bleachers one night.  Yes, I crawled up the bleachers.  Not a pretty sight, but I did it.  You could see the ground displays but after awhile your neck starts to ache from looking up.  When we watched from our chairs in front of the coach, you didn't have that problem.

Here's a photo of our location.  Perfect viewing area.

I'll just tell you a little about the week.  It's one of those things you need to experience it.  No way will photos or words give you the same experience.
Besides the show, it was all about seeing your friends again and also meeting some new ones like Julie and Don Klein.  The Kleins were nice to us, even though there was a near miss and we look forward to seeing them at the Escapade.  
Happy Hour lasted longer than most.  We went from Happy Hour to the Pyro Show without skipping a beat.  

Gina and Jay Hirt stayed at the Elks and joined us every day.

Here's two talented people, Linda and David Hatcher.  She takes the best photos but decided she was going to enjoy the show watching it instead of taking photos.  There were a lot of first timers that had their cameras out.  David is also a talented musician who hopefully will be composing a MOC theme song.
Gerri and John Beckman enjoyed themselves and plan on returning next year.

I don't know how I got my toe in this photo.

Dave Mc Nair decided to use my splint for serving food.
Diane Pena with her two pooches.

I do want to say that I was upset when I saw all the pets.  I really thought the pet owners were not good owners bringing their dogs.  I was wrong.  As long as the dogs were with their owners they were fine with all the noise.

I thought this was a great photo of Carole.
These girls were selling candy bars for a fundraiser.  Everyone received candy for Valentines Day.

Saturday night barbecue was great.  The band was good and we enjoyed listening to it.  The only problem when we were in line for our tri tips dinner, the lady behind me ran into my splint.  I recovered from it and a man walked through the line and almost knocked my whole leg off the cart.  Never said a word, just kept on walking.  

Sunday we went out to the store and Geri and John went with us.  We stopped at the Elks for lunch and a beer.  By the time we came back, we were too full to join in the Mardi Gras party.  Bill took a nap and before long it was time for the pulled pork dinner.  We drove up in the truck so I didn't have to come down the hill in the dark.  Geri and I went up to buy tickets and they said they were sold out.  This band was much better than the day before.  Bill and John saw people with food and went up to see if they found any.  They were told that they were out of cole slaw. John said we didn't care.   No problem for $7.00 we had pulled pork, potato salad, cowboy beans, tossed salad, grilled asparagus and draft beer.  Geri and I are still wondering what the guys did to get the dinner tickets.  

The weather was perfect for shorts and in the evening I put on a sweatshirt.  No wind, good location, good friends, good food--life doesn't get much better.  

As I look over this blog, it doesn't convey how much fun we had, but trust me, it was a great time.

We left yesterday morning and traveled to Quartzite with the Beckman's.  Bill and I pulled into the casino here in Winterhaven and since it was still early went to Mexico.  Bill got four fillings, two crowns, and a cleaning for $490.  Since it was so late in the day we have to go back for the permanent crowns today.  

Wish our schedule wasn't so tight with the Good Sam Rally next week and we could stay here longer.  

Turtle Safely.......

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