Thursday, March 12, 2015

55th Escapade Closing Ceremony

Pima County Fairgrounds
Site 15
Tucson, Arizona
Thank you Molly and Bob for making this the greatest Escapade ever.

All good things must come to an end and the Escapade sure does a fine job of even ending the event.  

I finally remembered to get a photo of the map where attendees came from.  If you can't see all of the pins click on the photo to make it larger.

The morning started off with an officers meeting of all the Chapters and BOF's.  There's a lot of things happening and a lot of changes for officers to know.  

We were visiting with people and before we knew it, we'd missed the pet parade.  I think they had a record number of entries.  My favorite dog, Hickory, had to stay home and take care of his sick parents.  

The VCR's (Volunteer Club Representative) had an entry into the Hair Raising Chili Cook-Off.  Since we hadn't had much time to visit with Don and Sharon  we decided to give the Triple T Truckstop a try and skip the chili
.  Everyone has been saying it was good.  I thought it was great, as I had fried chicken.  It came with a very good salad.  I even left the scooter and walked into the restaurant as Don has a "princess card" aka Handicap plate.  

Notice the size of the ice cream on the deep dish cherry pie.

By the time we returned it was about time to head over to Thurber Hall for the Closing Ceremony.  I think everyone else had the same idea.  There were 851 registered rigs with 91 weekly walk ins.  Total attendance was 1,952 people.  300 gallons of coffee and 2460 donuts were consumed.
  Dennis and Carol Hill manned the coffee and donut area. I think Carol was taking bids for Dennis, but she didn't get any takers.

They had a special section for the staff and we sat with WC and Leslie Earnst on one side and Don and Sharon Del Rosario on the other.  The Grand Prize was a choice of a Adventure Caravans trip valued at $3,595.  Sharon won it!  This is the second time they've won a trip.  

Following the closing ceremony was a happy hour with RVillage.  This is a great site for RV social network.  We've been members since the first month.  
Notice John Beckman guarding the ladder, so I didn't get too close to it.
Here's Chris Guld the other half of the Geeks on Tour.

When we left the RVillage party we walked over to the Beer Gardens where Johnny Goodrum was singing.  Everyone seemed to be unwinding and enjoying themselves.  

I wonder what Molly Pinner is whispering in Johnny's ear.

The Farewell Party started at 7 but by the time we went back to the coach and I kicked off my boot, I was finished for the evening.  

Tomorrow is the hitch up breakfast, but I tried to say  "see ya" to everyone tonight.  It will be hectic with many leaving in the morning.  They have offered extended days to those that want to stay longer.   

We need to get on the road early, as I have physical therapy tomorrow afternoon.  

All great parties must come to an end and I have to stay we've enjoyed this Escapade more than any others.  Of course, we say that every year they just keep getting better and better.

Turtle Safely...

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