Tuesday, March 10, 2015

55th Escapade--Monday

Pima County Fairgrounds
Tucson, Arizona
Site 15

Bill and I had all day to explore the Escapade as we weren't volunteering at the information booth on Monday.

We spent time talking with the ROW Reps.  If you don't know what the Row is, it is the area chapters groups.  They are promoting their activities and upcoming rallies. Some chapters are very creative and informative of their areas.  It's always nice to get some insight into things to do in a area and these reps know how to promote themselves.

Bill and I visited the Market Area but I must say about 90% of the vendors we saw earlier this month at the Good Sam Rally.  I remember the first few years the money we spent in the market.  It's nice to see friends of ours who are first timers spending the same way.  Tradition is important.

Even though we've attended Nick Russell's seminar--Highway History & Back Road Mystery, before, we enjoyed it again.  He's a great speaker and an even greater writer.  If you haven't read his mysteries, you must try them.  I suggest you start with the first book in the Big Lake series, as you won't stop reading his work after one book.  

I spent a little time visiting with friends and before you knew it, it was time for the Phil Evert's Happy Hour.  They have been sponsoring this the last few years.  They had margaritas, wine, draft beer, sodas and water with chips and salsa.  Johnny Goodrum supplies the music and everyone loves to listen to him sing.  
Don Dement, Bill and Betty Dawson

Don was dancing in his chair

The nights' entertainment was Brent Webb "The Master Mind".  We watched for awhile but my foot starting bothering me and I decided it was time to get back and give it a rest.  

Bill and I manned the information/lost and found booth this morning.  

I even found my younger sister, Sherry.
I don't mind the tradition of Escapees giving hugs, but I'm glad we don't have to kiss those lips.
If you don't bring a since of humor to the Escapade, you probably won't have a good time.
Look how composed I look, offering information to someone wearing a lobster hat. 
This Dalmatian looks like he crawled up next to the driver's seat, only to find out "this ain't no fire truck."   

More to come later...

Turtle Safely......

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