Saturday, March 21, 2015

Congress, but a good one.

North Ranch Escapees RV Park
Congress, Arizona
Site 97

Yesterday I had physical therapy at 7:30 am so we decided to head over to Congress when we returned.  We just put a few things in the refrigerator and left.  It was around noon when we pulled into the Escapees park in Congress.

Bill's has some real bad back pain.  He backed in and plugged the electric in and went inside to lie down.  The sewer is out of the basement but not hooked up.  I think we'll just give him some time to rest his back and see if the pain lets up.  Here's another case, where your partner needs to be able to drive.  Which is normally our case, but I haven't been able to drive since my shattered heel.  Why didn't I break the left one?

I received a call from Sharon Hime.  She said "You wanted me to keep you posted on our travels.  Well, this is as far as we went."  The engine on the truck died on I 10.  At first I thought it was exit 303, then the next time she called said near a sign for "The Thing" at exit 314.  Wrong again.  Now do you see a pattern?  I think my calendar problems are with numbers.  It turned out to be a different exit number.  
They were very upbeat as always.  No matter what happens they always find something positive.  I've told many of you of Sharon's talent for writing.  She really needs to write books but at least a blog.  Usually, she tells the story from Hickory, their dog, views.  

I was so upset I had to make myself feel better by having some of her peanut butter pie she left for us.  

Here's the story from Hickory.  Hope you enjoy her stories as much as we do.

Dad said his mechanic's ear was telling him our truck was still sick so he took it to Strictly Diesel on Thursday.  Yep, they said that the valves were in need of adjustment but there were definitely some other issues and he might want to consider getting a new engine....$14,ooo......but I think it'll take you back to Florida.  Dad was feeling pretty gloomy 'cuz he had already put $4000 worth of repairs in his truck this trip and it only has 122,ooo miles, which is young for a diesel.  I still wonder if that bad fuel we picked up a few years ago caused more issues than we knew????
Friday morning, Dad decided it was best to by pass the plans for Tombstone, White Sand and any other stops and make a beeline for Florida.  Everything was terrific for 2 hours and then we ALMOST made it to the top of the hill and the engine lost power and we were just able to get off to the side of the road at mile marker 316 on I-10 in Arizona. 
I liked the picnic at the side of the road while we were waiting for the big yellow tow truck.  We had some scrumptious caramel and cheddar popcorn that my friend Jan gave Mom.  Yep, Mom shared and so did Dad.  Mmmm!!
When they hooked the truck up to the tow truck, I told Dad I would keep an eye on the truck during the ride to the repair shop. I settled right in my back seat and road the 50 miles back west and then south to Sierra Vista.  Mom had located an RV Park not far from the Dodge repair shop so we are all set up in our site.  Dad about had a cow when Mom told him the rate was $100 for a week stay for 30 amp full hook up. CHEAP...just the way Dad likes it!!   I sure liked the manager.  He said I could go anywhere in the park as long as I was on my lead.  Now the rental car is a whole different story at $29.99 a day AND NO PETS!  Well!!!!
Monday or Tuesday Dad is going to get the results of the diagnostic tests.  I wonder how long we will stay in Arizona.  The manager said we just missed a hail storm yesterday afternoon here at the park....and it wasn't even cold out.  Jan said it never rains in Arizona and we had rain on two different days.  This is a strange state for sure!!  We'd better be careful or they will start blaming this strange weather on us.

Our tow

Putting the final touches on the hook-up
 Now after reading that story, let me tell you what our problem is today.  I turned on the fireplace and my flames aren't flickering.  It did it once before, but I can't remember how I fixed it.

Turtle Safely.........

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