Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hitch up at Escapade

Casa Grande, Arizona

Bill and I both agreed, we'd leave the Escapade early and skip the hitch up breakfast.  That was our thoughts the night before.  

We actually said our "safe travels" to a lot of folks the night before, thinking we were leaving early in the morning.  But we both wanted to go to the hitch up breakfast one more time.  It's just hard to leave a place when you're having such a great time.  
Bill went down to help Bob Moritz load his scooter and air his tires.  Bob did a great job for Chapter 45 on the Row. Bob is also the person who lent me the knee scooter.   

It didn't take any time at all to pull out and we were back in Casa Grande before noon.  That gave us time to relax a little before my first physical therapy session.

Physical therapy went fine.  They want  me to go three times a week.  Lucky for us, we found one close by since I still can't drive.  Barb Westerfield warned me that it wasn't going to be pain free.  I took two aspirin before we went to therapy.  

We took my Dad to Walmart and he needed something in the furthest corner away.  I had thought maybe I would try one of their electric shopping carts.  Wrong.  They were all occupied.  I was pretty proud that I walked that far, but it was difficult getting back.  

We had some errands to run Monday and went directly to Physical Therapy.  My foot was really swollen, but I managed to do everything.  

I had Dad and Sherry and Dave over for our traditional corned beef and cabbage St. Patrick's dinner.  I made the ugliest looking key lime pie, but everyone cleaned their plate. 

Today was physical therapy at 7:30 am and we went directly to Costco for some groceries.  Since we knew Roger and Sharon Hime's and their dog, Hickory, were arriving today we didn't want to stop after the Escapees luncheon.  Our timing was perfect and by the time we left Costco it gave us enough time to get to the luncheon on time.   

The luncheon was well attended.  This will be the last of the season.  

A special treat today was cake and ice cream.

I called Sharon when we left Mickey D's and told them we'd stop and pick them up and bring them over for burgers.  Bill fired up the grill and we put some burgers on.  Nothing fancy, but it finally gave us a chance to visit with each other.  
They were planning to join us for the Woodcarvers Week but cancelled after both of them came down with "the crud" the entire time at Escapade.  We thought we might not be going as I got a jury summons, but they postponed it.  

Sharon is the very best cook and baker I know.  She could cook for Kings and Queens.  She made the best peanut butter pie along with some very good baked beans.  It was delicious.   

Roger also has his talents.  For those men who have used our cowboy bathroom, we now have a seat that goes up and stays up.  You'd have to visit here to understand, but trust me, men didn't like it.  

Turtle Safely......

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