Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday, Escapade

Pima County Fairgrounds
Tucson, Arizona
Site #15

Yesterday we arrived around 10:30 am.  The sun was shining but we had some very strong headwinds.  The winds lasted all day.  Roger and Sharon Himes called to tell us they arrived.  Bill and I had a meeting, happy hour and dinner so made arrangements to meet up with them this morning.  
Did I mention this was Happy Hour?

Notice how close our table was to the bar?
Sharon made sure it was Happy Happy Hour.
We dared Bill to see if he could drink out of this glass.
You don't dare Bill about anything.
Did I mention that we had a great time?
Bob Pinner made sure everyone was having a great time.

I decided to use the scooter to get myself around.  I tried walking over to the office yesterday and found that a golf cart was much easier.  Initially, I brought the scooter to return to Bob Moritz but now I've decided to return it on the last day.  

Carol Hill wanted to see how it worked, and she tooled around the hospitality section.  I think Dennis was jealous that I could bring my "bike" inside and his new trike is outside. 

Our site is perfect.  We are located right beside the administrative office very near Old Pueblo Hall.  Thank you again, great parking team.  As Bob Pinner said, "It's the second best site, I have the best."  They are directly across from us.

This morning Don and Sharon Del Rosario trained us on our responsibility of manning the Volunteer/Information/Lost and Found booth.  WC and Leslie Ernst are also working there too.  

I was amazed how long the line was when registration opened at 10 am.  It was at least halfway across the hall.  We are set up in the corner to the right of registration so most people walked over to check out the volunteer jobs.  I think by tomorrow, we'll have all the volunteers needed.  

I was happy to get a message from Linda and David Hatcher yesterday saying they changed their plans and decided to come.  It was so good to see them even though we saw them last month in Lake Havasau City.

Sandy Spearse, who we haven't seen in three years, stopped by.  We made arrangements to have Happy Hour at our site.  A little while later, I remembered we had a dinner for the VCR's and Row Reps.  I had to call her and change our plans. 

I thought this was a great picture of Jan and Greg White.

Nick and Jeanne Schmidtz wanted Bill to touch their prize drawing cards for luck.  I told them I was luckier than he is so I touched their cards.  I'll collect my commission later.  

Just a lot of hugs and seeing faces we haven't seen in awhile.  All this, and it doesn't officially start until tomorrow.  

Did I mention that this is going to be a big one?  I heard 885 registered, but there were some that came in today that hadn't registered.  

Turtle Safely........     

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