Friday, April 24, 2015

Old Rubber

Sundance RV Resort
Casa Grande, Arizona

John and Karen Knoll drove up from Green Valley for a visit.  I was a little concerned because it clouded up today and there was a slight chance of rain.  You are asking yourself what difference does it make.  Well, John got a motorcycle for his birthday.  I thought for sure, they'd ride it up here to show us.  

When they arrived and I saw their car out front, I said I thought you'd bring the bike.  Karen rolled her eyes back and said "not that far".   Of course we did see pictures and its a beauty.  

I gave John and Gerri Beckman a quick call and they were coming to town, so invited them to join us for lunch.  

After eating that huge lunch yesterday, I said I needed a place with a salad so Karen suggested MiMi's.  John and Gerri were across the street when I called so they waited for us. It was so good seeing everyone and visiting with them.  We haven't seen the Knoll's since December.  The restaurant wasn't crowded and we had an excellent waitress.  It was a long leisure lunch and we didn't have any problem finding something to chat about.  I ordered the Mediterranean salad.  It was huge and I finished every bite.  I did bring the muffin home for later.  
 Karen and John Knoll, John and Gerri Beckman, Bill and Jan

We attempted to solve all of the world problems.  No one has any concrete plans for this summer's travel, but I'm sure if we end up near one or other, we'll figure out a way to spend some time together.  

We all came back to our place and that's where the title of this blog came from "old rubber".  John Beckman started in the door, and Gerri told him to take his shoes off.  Well anyone that knows us, knows we aren't formal and no one needs to remove their shoes.  Gerri followed John picking up little things behind him.  I couldn't figure out what's going on.  As it turns out, John wore an old pair of shoes that Gerri told him not to wear.  They looked like brand new when he was wearing them.  It seems they dry rotted on the soles and the old rubber was coming off in chunks.  John told us we probably have seen the last of those shoes because they were going in the garbage.  

During our visit we got on the subject of our home towns and Bill and John Knoll both came from small Italian towns.
They were talking about all the nicknames every one had.  No one was ever called by their first name.  Bill told John Beckman he'd be known as "Johnny new shoes".  There was a lot of laughter about John and his rubber that I probably shouldn't put in print.  It was definitely a great time.
I almost forgot to mention that John Knoll did a job for us.  We bought LED lights for the kitchen but when Bill brought the ladder out, I couldn't get near it.  There's something about being around ladders that I'm not comfortable with.  John got on the ladder and Bill steadied it for him.  My stomach was a little seasick watching, but I survived.  Maybe I will conquer this thing about ladders soon.  I hope so, but wasn't it nice of John to change the light bulbs.  It only took two people.  Wouldn't our government be surprised?

Turtle Safely......

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