Thursday, April 2, 2015

Woodcarvers and Beyond

Sundance RV Resort
Casa Grande, Arizona

The woodcarvers was a lot of fun.  Friday night was the dinner.  What a fine dinner we had.  Kellie Gunn made the lasagna for the entire group.  It was some of the best lasagna I've ever had--including in Italy!  I also won a tip for my wood burner in the door prize drawing.

Before we left, I saw Becky Hazen but they were setting up so didn't visit much with her.  There was a motorhome next to us and I kept saying it looks familiar it turned out to be Carol and Tom Bedzeka.    

Saturday was a park breakfast and final day to finish your projects.  Bill's back was feeling a little bit better, so thought it was best if we headed back to Casa Grande a day early.  We were parked at Sundance RV resort before noon.  The traffic wasn't bad and it was another perfect driving day.  

Neil and Candy wanted to go for dinner before they returned to Canada.  They were leaving Sunday morning, so it was then or wait until the fall.  Even though we were tired from the trip, we enjoyed dinner with them at Tommy's Bistro.  I must say, Bill doesn't usually talk much but he made up for it then.  

Monday I had physical therapy followed by a trip to the Valley for a doctor appointment.  Tuesday was my appointment in Gilbert with my orthopaedic doctor.  He said I could now take the boot off for short periods throughout the day and walk on my foot.  Well I took off that stinky ugly boot the minute we got home and I don't intend to put it back on!  I was in for a rude awakening when I went to put a pair of shoes on.  None of my shoes would come near going over that foot.  Not even my slippers!  I finally tried my Easy Spirit heel riser sandals and I could get it on even though it was pretty tight, but at least I had a shoe to wear.  Why did they ever stop making that shoe?

Wednesday I had physical therapy and we left for Scottsdale following the PT.  The Escapees Chapter 45 end of season picnic was being held in Stillman McCormick Park.
 We were able to find a handicap parking close by but it seemed so far to the shelter.  I stopped and gave my foot a rest.  It was hurting the whole time we were there.  I managed to walk through the Stillman railroad museum but immediately took off the shoe when we got back to the car.  Bill's back was bothering him too.  

The picnic was very nice, but with both of us in some pain, didn't enjoy it like we normally would have.  

Notice no boot.

Bill had an afternoon appointment with a new doctor for his back.  We were lucky it was on the way home and we wouldn't have to drive back up to Chandler.  Of course, they didn't do much for Bill on the first visit.  They ordered medication for the pain, ordered PT and a MRI.  After we got the medication filled, I noticed that there was a warnings not to take it if you were allergic to morphine.  Well, Bill is highly allergic to it.  As he put on his paperwork, deadly.  

We have three appointments on Wednesday, so hope to know more then.  

Turtle Safely.........

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