Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Headed North

Grand Canyon Railway RV Park
Williams, Arizona

Yesterday we pulled out of Sundance RV Resort in Casa Grande around 8:30.  Bill sailed along until we hit the 101 and the traffic was backed up.

It was too early for a stop in Black Canyon so first stop was the Sunset Rest Area.  Doug and Shay took a few pictures.  The place was so crowded that the cars were parking in the RV/Truck parking.

We arrived at Montezuma's Castle around noon and just as we entered the visitor center, we had a quick rain shower but lasted only a few minutes.  Doug was very impressed and Shay was enjoying showing him since she'd been here before.  

We stopped at a roadside stand for some frybread.  Shay being the natural good shopper made a trade for the frybread--one roll of paper towels for one frybread.

We hit some bad rain and winds but it quit by the time we got to Williams.  They only had a back in left at this park but it didn't take long to get set up.

The four of us went to Cruisers 66 for steak dinners. After dinner we walked a few blocks checking out the gift shops.  Shay found a nice shop that had Navajo jewelry.  Most of the other shops were closed by the time we got out of there.  

This morning we walked over to the cowboy shootout show.  It was very entertaining and the crowd loved it. 

As we were walking back to the Montana we noticed a Big Sky Montana.  As we got closer, we noticed it was Dave McNair.  It was nice seeing Betsy and Dave. Betsy was surprised to see me walking. They were hitching up so we didn't stay long.  It's a small world.  

I was able to get my foot into my hiking boots today.  It really made a difference and I was able to do a lot of walking.  Over the years they've changed a lot of things and the pavement was one of the best changes which made for much easier walking.  
Needless to say, Doug was taking a lot of photos and enjoying all the sights.  

This little guy wanted to see what was in Shay's purse.

It was another great day and we're looking forward to tomorrow.  

Turtle Safely.........

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