Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rocket Science

Alamogordo, New Mexico
Edginton RV Park
Site 22

Yesterday we spent the day gabbing with Richie and Norm Ericksen and Bruce and Bunny Radcliff, except for a trip to the barber shop and Walmart.   Yes, Bill did go to one with a barber pole.  Actually, he needed a haircut while we were in Casa Grande but likes this Deming barber and his prices. Did I mention this barber is very popular and it took nearly and hour while I waited in the truck.  

I wanted to try and drive the truck but found I don't have a lot of strength in my foot.  I could drive it OK, but in a panic stop I might have a problem.  

We've stayed in Deming numerous times but this time we decided to stop at the Visitor Center.   There was a volunteer in there that had a wealth of knowledge.  It looks like we'll be staying in New Mexico longer than expected.  Bill knows I collect pots and wanted to know if I wanted one like this.

Bill pulled out of Deming around 9 am and it was another beautiful day for a drive.  We normally stop at the rest stop outside Las Cruces because it has such a beautiful view but Bill didn't even slow down.

We turtled down at a historic sign for a quick bathroom stop.  

Click to make the picture larger.

Those of you who have traveled on 70 from Las Cruces to White Sands know about the big steep hill before you come to the White Sands Museum.  We were climbing the hill moving with the traffic when I noticed an 18 wheeler that was backing down the hill.  Yep, we're going up and he's backing down in our lane.  Bill moved over and gave him lots of room.  He was almost to the top of the hill so he had a long way to back down.  

We arrived very early at the Edginton RV Park.  We've stayed here before and it isn't much but the management is very friendly.  Pull thru, 50 amp FHU for $15 per night.  

After we got set up we took a drive into Alamogordo.  We've been through here so many times, but never really looked the town over.  First stop was to check out the Elks which have sites for $15.  They were very nice and right next to the golf course.

We planned to visit the New Mexico Museum of Space History and when we saw it decided we had enough time to visit it before closing.  It's a very impressive building.  When I found out they had four floors of exhibits, I thought we wouldn't have time for the IMAX too so we just paid our $5.00 entrance for the museum.  Bill insisted we had plenty of time but bought just the museum tickets anyway.  This might make him being right two times this year. 

It was well done, but we've been to Huntsville, Alabama and nothing will come close to what Huntsville has.  

The views are awesome from this site.  It's built up against a mountain.  

This was the inside of the elevator complete with sound effects.

I took control of the landing, but I crashed.

  Bill wasn't too excited about all the engines.
They also had a large outdoor display.

By the time we came out, I was hungry so we rode down the street trying to find a local restaurant.  We ended up at Chili's.  It was a good choice and we both ate way too much. 

Time to relax and put the feet up.

Turtle Safely....... 

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