Tuesday, May 5, 2015

She started World War III

Sundance RV Resort
Casa Grande, AZ 

Where have we been?  Well let's start with Friday when Bill had physical therapy at 7 am.  We left there an hour later and headed to Sky Harbor Airport.  If anyone knows why they call an airport in the desert a harbor, I'd like to know.  Daughter, Shay, and soon to be son in law, Doug, called to say they arrived early and already had their luggage, just after we passed where we were going to pick them up.  They moved the cell phone lot since we were there last, so we had circled the airport just as they called.  Great timing!

They had a great flight that wasn't crowded and no problems or delays at the other end in Pittsburgh.  

A short drive to Sacaton gave Doug a chance to experience the Gila River reservation.  Bill stopped at Ira Hayes park for a photo opportunity.

Doug has never been west of the Mississippi and we were excited to start showing him.  We took them over to Coolidge to visit the Casa Grande Ruins.  The Ranger told me they didn't have ranger talks except in the winter.  We were lucky because a volunteer agreed to give us a talk. 

We were allowed to walk over and observe a saguaro cactus that had fallen down to see the root system on it.  Naturally, Shay wanted to feel it.

Bill and I never ran out of things to talk about but with their leaving for the airport in the wee hours and of course the three hour change in time, everyone went to bed early.  It's a good thing as we pulled out of Sundance RV early to head to Tombstone.  

We decided since we were going south to make a small detour to show them the Titan Missile Silo.  As we were driving we remembered the Mission of Saint Xavier and made a quick stop.  There was a Christening taking place so Shay and Doug just took a quick look inside.  Naturally, Shay and I found the shops but we didn't find anything worth what they were asking for their jewelry.  

As we got nearer the Silo, we remembered the Asarco Copper Mine and stopped for a tour of it.  They really enjoyed the tour.  Doug has his CDL license so watching all those gigantic trucks was interesting to him.  They also have one of the best gift shops around.  Nearly everything they sell is made in the USA.  I found a nice turtle and a pair of earrings.  Not to be outdone, Shay found some nice things. 

Bill finally pulled into the Titan Missile Silo which was just a few miles away.  It seemed like it took us a long time to get there, but then we added two extra sightseeing tours.  Bill wasn't comfortable with the thought of going down into it and we've also been before.  It was a long time ago that we toured it, so I decided to go again.  

I was a little worried about walking down the steps with my foot, but I did it slowly and didn't have any problems, but returned via the elevator.  

I was chosen to be the Commander and our docent explained how they did a launch.  As Doug said, she just started World War III.  The docent was very good and the tour was much better than the one we did before.  

I was impressed that the Titan Missile Silo and also the Asarco Copper Mine both had RV parking.  Why don't they mention that on the website and brochures?  

By the time we were finished with the tour it was getting pretty late.  I called the Tombstone Territorial RV Resort and even though they don't take reservations she said if we didn't arrive by 5 pm, she'd leave the reservation form for us.  

As we turned off I 10 I was saying, I wonder how Don and Sharon Del Rosario are doing.  Just as we passed the entrance for Cochise Terrace, we saw a white Honda that looked like their "Carrie".  I called them and Don said they were just returning from the ER and were at Love's which was just a little ways away.  Wish we would have had time to meet up with them, but they didn't need visitors when they were just coming back from the ER.  

We arrived at the RV park before closing and the host gave us a tour of the clubhouse and all the facilities.  It's a nice park and with the Passport rate you couldn't beat it.  They charged for the two extra people but it was still $40 for two nights.  I thought for sure Shay and Doug would make use of the pool, spa, or pool table but they just seemed content to sit out at the picnic table after dinner and enjoy the scenery.  The full moon also added to the atmosphere.

The next morning we had the park supplied burritos and muffins for breakfast. Shortly later after breakfast we headed to Tombstone.  

First stop was Boothill just as they were opening up.  I've been there enough to know that I didn't need to be walking in that loose gravel on a hill with my still healing shattered bone.  I sat on the bench while Bill showed them around.

Next stop was the Courthouse and we were walking across the street to tour it when a cowboy came up and said they had a historical gunfight show in 15 minutes.  This was at the Wyatt's Hotel & Coffee House.  We immediately forgot about the courthouse.  We've seen a lot of these shows, but this one was the best we've seen in Tombstone. 

What a great way to introduce Doug and Shay to Tombstone.  Allen Street which has four blocks of the historical section took us the entire day to walk.  There were so many things for Shay and Doug to see.  They of course, did the Gunfight at the OK Corral show, had a beer at the Crystal Palace, toured the Bird Cage theater, and by then the stores were closing.  We ended the day with dinner at Big Nose Kate's.  Of course when we got back to the Courthouse, it was closed but I think we'd all arrived at the point that it would have been overload.  We did find out that they now have a new guns and outlaw museum, but time didn't allow us to see it.  It's hard to believe we spent the entire day and could have gone back another day and still not seen everything. 

Doug got a great hat and we all thought it was the perfect one.  What do you think?

Doug drove the fifth wheel back to Casa Grande this morning.  It was nice having a professional driver do the driving.  There was a roll over accident south of Tucson which caused some delay.  I think he enjoyed driving the rig and even parked it at Sundance.  

Turtle Safely..........

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