Sunday, May 31, 2015

Vegas--but not the glitzy one.

Las Vegas, New Mexico
Storrie Lake State Park
Site 22B

After I posted the blog last night, Bill suggested we go down town to the Old Fashioned Soda Shop.  I was just too tired and said I'd rather not go. The winds were horrible and it was a major job to hold onto the door going outside. Of course an hour later, I was wishing I hadn't declined.  

The winds kept up until about 2 am but this morning it was not windy at all.  I told Bill, I thought I could drive a little bit.  Blue skies, no winds, what could ruin my day behind the wheel?  You guessed it, five miles down the road I found construction and only one lane of traffic open.  The construction lasted for 16 miles.  Bill was a good copilot and handled the gps, the tire monitors, the coffee and kept the audio book going.  We were into the book so much we never stopped the 180 miles to Las Vegas, New Mexico.

When I pulled up to the gate to register, there was a narrow driveway with poles on both sides.  Unfortunately, it was an upside down "V" shape.  I wrote out the $14.00 check for the site fee and then told Bill to get behind the wheel.  Our site was a back in, and I didn't feel like messing with it.  I know, Sharon Del Rosario, you have to practice, but today wasn't a day to practice as there was a big black cloud over us.  Talk about practice, I had Bill back into the first site which he did perfectly.  Then I saw the tree covering the satellite antenna, so he practiced and did it again in another site.  The clouds just blew on by, but it did look like rain for awhile.  

I checked out the campground map and found out they have "vault toilets".   I've heard the name "pit toilets" and I understand those, but why would you want to keep the contents of the toilets safe?  They were impressive from the outside, though.  I didn't have the combination to open the vault so don't know what the insides look like.

The camp host, Jerry, has a Montana.  He said it's a 2008 and the only problem he ever had was a blown fuse in his front jack.  We told him about the Montana Owners Club and that it's free to join.  Hopefully he'll go to the website and sign up.  Bill showed him the plexiglass on our screen door that John Kohl did for us.  He was impressed.

This state park is OK but nothing as nice as last night.  Of course, if we were into fishing, I think it would be a different story.  This park has 30 amp with water.  The weather's perfect and the winds have died down from earlier in the day.  

Bill uses Diesel Kleen in his fuel tank and when we stopped at Walmart in Deming they didn't have any.  We tried again at auto parts stores and another Walmart in Alamogordo and they didn't have any either.  The Walmart didn't have it here, but Bill finally found it in Tractor Supply.  

There is a City of Las Vegas Museum and Rough Rider Memorial Collection but they are closed on Sundays and Mondays.  Fort Union National Monument is also nearby.  We'll save those for the next time we come through here. 

We paid for one night's stay and our plans are to head up the road tomorrow.  

Turtle Safely.........

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