Friday, May 29, 2015

World's Largest Nut

Alamogordo, New Mexico
Edginton RV Park

We decided to learn about nuts today.  Not ourselves, but the ones you eat.  Our first stop this beautiful sunny day was at McGinns Pistachio Tree Ranch and Areana Blanca Winery.  I couldn't tell you how many different kinds of pistachio nuts they had to sample.  They ranged from brittle to very spicy.  They also had wine to sample.  I asked about the tours and the girl said they have another larger place up on 70 that gave tours a couple of miles away.  

Bill started driving up 70 and we decided to explore Tularosa and then stop at the nuts and winery on the way back.   Of course, we stopped to check out this historic sign.
The McGinns Pistachio Tree Ranch and Winery wasn't hard to find, just look for the giant nut.  
Now you'll know where the world's largest nut in the world is located.  

We sampled their wine and nuts and they had just as many different kinds.  They also had flavored pecans.  You were allowed 4 samples of wine and we only bought one bottle.  Bill loves the dry ones and I like the semi sweet.  Bill didn't care for any he sampled but I liked the pink moscato.  

Their gift shop had an old car--not sure what make and model.  As gift shops go, this was pretty nice.  They also had an ice cream shop.

We just missed this tour of the farm and the next one wasn't until 3 pm.

Next stop was  the Heart of the Desert Pistachios and Wines.  They advertised a free tour but it didn't start for two hours.  The employees turned on a short video which explained the process of how they shake the trees to collect the nuts.  

They even had some different flavors.  I tried the dark chocolate and it was very good.  I had to sacrifice and try the pistachio popcorn for Sharon Hime.  It was good but I still like the Chicago Mix better. 

Bill wanted to top off the fuel on the truck so we drove back to town.  There was a museum sign next to the Chamber of Commerce so we decided to stop and take a look around.  I love some of these out of the way museums.  
How about this shoulder holster that belonged to Pretty Boy Floyd?  It means so much when you've had previous encounters with the history.  Some of you readers may remember that we found the spot where he was killed in Ohio.  Bill's uncle had talked to him the day before he was killed.
I was surprised to learn that Bill Mauldin was from this town.  He was the cartoonist that drew war cartoons about Willie and Joe.
He also won a Pulitzer Prize in 1945 and 1958.
He was a real hero.  It's a shame today that we don't have more people like him.
You just never know what you'll find in these tiny museums.  We saw these Gazelles in South Africa when we did a safari.  I had no idea they lived and survived in New Mexico.
Did I mention that this little museum was free?  

Next door was the Chamber of Commerce visitor center.  We walked in and there was a lady in the adjoining room.  Never acknowledged our presence.  What a contrast from the Deming Visitor Center.  I told Bill, she was probably a paid employee.  The one in Deming was a volunteer.  

Just a note to anyone traveling through here, I did notice that they have a dump station.

Bill topped off the tank and diesel was $2.69 which was at least 15 cents lower than the other stations.  We went around the corner and it was $2.56.  

We didn't stop at the Shroud Museum as my foot decided this wasn't a good day for walking.  Next time we come through here, we'll stop.

Turtle Safely......

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